Epcot's Living with the Land Boat Ride Adds More Christmas Decorations for 2017

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Living with the Land is one of my favorite places to enjoy holidays at Epcot, and the greenhouses are more festive than ever for 2017! Christmas decorations can be found throughout this boat ride inside The Land, and it's a bonus that isn't shown on any schedule. I started calling it Living with the Land Holiday last year, it just seems to fit.

There are new signs up throughout the ride, and the sandman snowman is more fun than ever as he holds onto his skis.

Epcot Germany Pavilion Offering Two LE 3000 Christmas Ornaments This Year - Mickey & Minnie, Snow White

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For years, the Epcot Germany pavilion's Die Weihnachts Ecke (Christmas shop) has offered a Christmas ornament specific to that location, LE 3000. This year, there are two of them. I wasn't planning an article, so I just took some quick phone photos. There is a Snow White ornament with Dopey and Grumpy, and a Mickey and Minnie with Chip and Dale ornament. These are LE 3000 each. The Mickey and Minnie ornament says "Epcot World Showcase" on the back. The back of the Snow White ornament says "Frohe Weihnachten (Merry Christmas) and also "Epcot World Showcase". I believe the retail price is $18.95. I will double check that next visit.

Gingerbread U.S. Capitol Back for Epcot Festival of the Holidays Inside American Adventure

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We have been sharing gingerbread displays and other holiday events around Walt Disney World  this year as we have each year since 2007, and another favorite from the past few years is the U.S. Capitol Building inside the World Showcase American Adventure. I believe the first year displayed it was only the U.S. Capitol, but it quickly grew and there is a Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. I visit Washington D.C. regularly to see family, so it is always fun to enjoy the gingerbread display here of buildings I see often. Here is a look at the display, which also has 7 hidden Mickeys - I have only found one, but I wasn't really looking too hard.

This year, there is a new holiday name - Epcot Festival of the Holidays as opposed to Epcot Holidays Around the World, a name which was around for a very long time.

Belle Meets in Enchanted Christmas Dress During Epcot Festival of the Holidays; More Character Holiday Additions

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We went to Epcot yesterday for the kickoff of Epcot International Festival of the Holidays. There weren't a lot of surprises, but one was seeing some characters in their holiday costumes - Belle was in her Enchanted Christmas dress; Pluto in his Christmas outfit; and Snow White and Princess Aurora had small holiday accents. I have been asked if any other characters have changes during the event, and I am not sure if others do. We were told that these characters would continue meeting through the Festival. Here are photos and videos from yesterday!

We weren't expecting to see Belle, we went to see the Père Noël storyteller in France and Belle was in the gazebo usually used by Princess Aurora (who has moved to Belle's regular location for the event). We have been asked why the swap, I personally would guess it just has to do with the longer line for Belle - there is more room at the gazebo area. There wasn't much of a line when I got into it during the first set, but that changed later in the day.

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Epcot Holidays Around the World Kicks off for 2015: Holiday Decor, Entertainment & Candlelight Processional

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Epcot's Holidays Around the World kicked off Friday at Walt Disney World, with entertainment that spans Future World and World Showcase. Topiaries can be found at the front of Epcot, with other decorations around the park! Holidays Around the World runs through December 30th, 2015, with the popular Candlelight Processional topping off each evening. We have over 100 photos, along with video to give an overview - but because there is so much to see, we didn't get to everything we wanted to on our first day. You can find previous videos from previous years on our YouTube channel.

Mickey, Minnie and Pluto are the first topiaries that guests will see upon entering the park.

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