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  • Guest (John)

    I am just heart broken at what is being done to the Polynesian Resort in WDW. It is truly unbelievable. All the beauty (waterfalls, tiki torches, pool, valcano, all gone!). See my petition if you want to know more and maybe help restore it all!


  • Guest (Ruthie)

    I am thrilled that someone sent a link to your website. Amazing video of the Headless Horseman. Terrific job with that !
    I had to laugh when you didn't know what was around Pluto's neck. I don't know either, at first I thought he was trying to be a lion...then I glanced over at my extensive collection it looks like the beanie baby where he is dressed like a turkey :)

    You have a new fan in me

  • Guest (Garry and Cindy Walter)

    Dear Denise and Jeff:

    My wife and I live south of Sarasota, Florida, love Disney and have been going to the parks for 40 years. We found your show about a year ago and watch it every Sunday night. It keeps us up to date on all the Disney news and really helped us sort out details during the Frozen Summer event. Thank you.

    Best wishes; Garry

  • Guest (Kurtis Ryan)

    Have you folks done a review of the 50's Prime Time Café in Hollywood Studios? If not, when will you do one?

  • Guest (Alise)

    Hi guys,
    Where is episode #118. I feel incomplete!


  • Guest (dennis and teresa)

    just wandering if anything is wrong we have been checking for the last 2 weeks and waiting on the next eppisode and havent seen anything or maybe you have taken a vacation. love the show and still waiting.

  • Guest (Christie Wells)

    Love your website. It has been a true blessing for me and my family. Your site is so refreshing and we enjoy your adventures. Keep'em coming. And thank you for sharing. When we can't be there we live through your videos. How long have you been doing this?

  • Guest (Jeremy)

    Hi Denise and Jeff, I just wanted to tell you what a great job you both do on everything you cover. I'm currently working my way up the list of mouse steps weekly shows. After watching a few I had to start from the beginning.My wife and I both love disney world and are looking forward to when our kids are older to once again travel from Montana and enjoy it all once again. Until then Ill keep enjoying your work! Thank you both from the frozen north!

  • Guest (Leslie D.)

    I was wondering if you have a newsletter?

  • Guest (Ryan)

    Hi. Let me start off by saying I absolutely love your Mouse Steps Weekly web show. I watch it every week and have been watching it for years. Would it be possible for you to do a segment on the construction at Wilderness Lodge or post a photo report to your website? I know there is a lot going on there and I am curious to see what it looks like. I will be staying there this August. Thank you very much.

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