Disney Parks Offering "Countdown to Fun" Box to Build Excitement for Walt Disney World Vacation at $99.00

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Disney Parks online is now offering a Countdown to Fun box for Walt Disney World that Disney describes as, a great way to build up excitement for your upcoming Walt Disney World vacation through a scavenger hunt complete with specially selected merchandise and phone messages from Mickey. I posted a few photos below, there are even more on the Disney Store website. Merchandise in the box can vary. Use code SHIP50 for free shipping. Any purchase made through Mousesteps does help support us, thank you!

The box costs $99.99 (the limit is one for ordering) and includes:

  • Scavenger Hunt instructions
  • Letter from Mickey
  • Clues for you to provide to your party to find the boxes
  • Six boxes filled with specially selected merchandise to prepare for your Walt Disney World vacation. Each box comes with a number to call to receive a special message from Mickey:
Box 1 is a Fun Family Activity
Box 2 introduces Disney's Animal Kingdom
Box 3 introduces Disney's Hollywood Studios
Box 4 introduces EPCOT
Box 5 introduces Magic Kingdom
Box 6 includes Vacation Fundamentals
Countdown to Fun - Walt Disney World

Countdown to Fun - Walt Disney World

Countdown to Fun - Walt Disney World

This information is from Disney:

How it works:

  • You hide the first box based on the instructions provided
  • Provide the clue to your party on where to find the box
  • Once your party finds the box, they will open it up to unveil special merchandise and a card with a phone number and code to call to hear a special message from Mickey
  • Repeat above steps for the remaining boxes: The time period for opening the boxes can be spread out over a day, week, month, or however long you'd like to build up the excitement

* Please note: The Countdown to Fun boxes and/or their contents may vary from what is shown, based on availability. We reserve the right to substitute products of equal or greater value without notice.

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