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Book Review: "The Art of Coco" is a Great Companion Piece to the Upcoming Disney-Pixar Film

Hi everyone!

The Art of Coco by Chronicle Books released a few weeks back, and we received our review copy yesterday. Disney-Pixar's Coco will bow in theaters on November 22nd, and I have been looking forward to the film for months - and the book as well. The world of Coco is a vibrant one, and The Art of Coco features the colors of it beautifully. The Mexican holiday Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a holiday that Disney introduced me to many years ago at Disneyland. And this year, with the newest Disney-Pixar animated film coming up, there have been celebrations and displays around the Disney parks. The book is another way to learn more about a holiday I personally didn't grow up with, and to celebrate a film that has received rave reviews so far.

Book Review: "Olaf's Frozen Adventure" Read-Along Storybook And CD

Hi everyone!

We received Olaf's Frozen Adventure Read-Along Storybook and CD to review. This is the third storybook with CD I have reviewed in the past couple of weeks, the others were the Disney-Pixar Coco Read-Along Storybook and CD and Mickey's Christmas Carol Read-Along Storybook and CD. Each book with CD features the original voices and story from the films. Olaf's Frozen Adventure is a 21 minute featurette that will precede Disney-Pixar's Coco when it releases on November 22nd, 2017.

Book Review: Yesterday's Tomorrow: Disney's Magical Mid-Century by Don Hahn

We received a copy of Don Hahn's Yesterday's Tomorrow: Disney's Magical Mid-Century to review. Hahn has produced some of the biggest Disney films of all time (we interviewed him about Beauty and the Beast earlier this year, which was our 3rd or 4th interview with him over the last 9 years), and he is also an author, director, painter and more. His latest book (releasing November 14th) is a large format book, really a perfect coffee table book for the Disney fan. Here is part of an official blurb about the book, followed by the review.

Yesterday's Tomorrow is a valentine to an era of optimism, relaxed lifestyle, and innovative design; a large-format, general audience book, illustrated with rarely seen art and photography of the mid-20th century reflecting the unique style that Walt Disney and his artists contributed to the era.

Book Review: Coco Read-Along Storybook and CD

We received the recently released Coco Read-Along Storybook and CD to review, the book is based on the upcoming Disney-Pixar animated film. Coco is inspired by the Mexican holiday Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead), which I had only a passing familiarity with until Disney parks ramped up offerings for this holiday this year. The movie came out on November 22nd, and the Coco Read-Along Storybook and CD can help relive the film - I would not suggest reading it until after you've seen the movie (I wrote my review originally before the film opened, and am updating on 12/5).

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