Book Review: Coco Read-Along Storybook and CD

We received the recently released Coco Read-Along Storybook and CD to review, the book is based on the upcoming Disney-Pixar animated film. Coco is inspired by the Mexican holiday Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead), which I had only a passing familiarity with until Disney parks ramped up offerings for this holiday this year. The movie will come out on November 22nd, and the Coco Read-Along Storybook and CD can help familiarize families with the holiday and film, but it will also completely spoil the movie. I did not listen and read the whole book and CD, but I skimmed through so I had an idea of the book for this review but not the whole story and ending.

The CD in the book itself is really nicely designed, as is the artwork inside the softcover book. These are not huge books, which is why they are priced so reasonably - for the price of an upscale cup of coffee, you can have a book and CD that in this case runs nearly 15 minutes.
Actress Tammy Trull narrates, and the actors from the animated film are the voices here - that includes Benjamin Bratt as Ernesto de la Cruz and Anthony Gonzalez as Miguel. I won't talk about the story itself, but I listened to nearly half of the CD while reading the book - not all in order. I had seen the song "Remember Me" from the movie was included, so I looked for that - it is sung by Miguel and is a tearjerker even without having a lot of context about the song. The movie itself should be a lot of fun but it is also clearly a thoughtful one a well, about family current and past. And the music I have heard from it so far is great, the Coco CD will be out November 10th. While the film isn't in particular a musical, it is very much centered around music.
For kids who love the movie, I definitely recommend Coco Read-Along Storybook and CD- or if you want to familiarize yourself a little with the story ahead of time, just don't finish it or you'll know the ending too.
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