Non-Disney Travel Photos

Non-Disney Travel Photos

Photos around Paris

This time in Paris, I did a lot of extra walking - not as many museums (although they were planned), but Paris is just an amazing place to walk.  I already put up Versailles bike tour photos, as well as Disneyland Paris and the Promenade Plante'.  We also have a lot of September Europe photos at www.neesie.org.
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Promenade Plantee' Walk

This is a walk that the average traveller to Paris won't end up doing.  I'd asked on the Trip Advisor Paris forum if it was possible to walk from my hotel to central Paris.   Christine (co-owner of the hotel I stayed at) mapped it out quickly for me.

And hopefully I'll figure out how to stop leaning (sorry, I guess I'm just lopsided). :)   I am working on it!

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Versailles Bike Tour

On May 4th, I did my 3rd bike tour with Fat Tires Bike Tours (previously, I had done the Monet Gardens tour and nighttime bike tour - both wonderful!)

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