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Coca-Cola Store at Disney Springs Adds New Cocktails (Including "Beverly's Revenge")

Hi everyone!

We stopped at the Disney Springs Coca-Cola Store on New Year's Eve after choosing to skip the parks in favor of a more relaxed experience. We weren't looking for cocktails, but one specifically caught our eye - Beverly's Revenge - and we purchased a cocktail flight as well. These aren't even listed on the Disney Parks Coca-Cola Store menu online yet. We have the menus below, as well as our drink photos. I didn't ask, but I believe alcohol is available from 3pm on the rooftop terrace (that was the case not long ago).

This one photo is from the July opening of the Coca-Cola Store, it was busier on New Year's Eve.

You can't really beat the view from the terrace, and it wasn't too busy on New Year's Eve.

There wasn't a line, so we took a look at the menu - it has a lot of different cocktail options now.

Jack and Coke has been around for quite some time, but Beverly's Revenge is one of the newer entries. It includes Hendrick's Gin, Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur and Beverly. As if Beverly didn't get her revenge at Epcot on a daily basis already!

There are two different flights, a Traditional Flight and then the Signature Flight. The Traditional Flight includes Cuba Libre, Jack & Coke, Old Fashioned and a Vanilla Russian. The Signature Flight includes SRL Margarita, Cherry Coke Ripper, Strawberry Mojito & Beverly's Revenge. There are also alcoholic smoothies beneath it.

On the menu are also a Long Island Cooler, the SRL Margarita, and an Adult Coca-Cola Float.

There is a drink of the month, as well as mocktails.

The most expensive is the Sinatra Select, with Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select & Coca-Cola.

Jeff ordered Beverly's Revenge. He really enjoys Beverly (it is a Coca-Cola drink from Italy with a bitter taste), I can't stand it. But, the Beverly is mostly neutralized by the gin and the blood orange flavor. I don't love the cocktail, but I can drink it (and blood orange is one of my favorite flavors).

Since it was New Year's Eve, we splurged on the Signature Flight as well. We were told these are each 7 ounces with one ounce of alcohol. My favorite drink is the Strawberry Mojito here. Really, the standout of the drinks here is Beverly's Revenge, as it is a very unique offering.

There is a great view of the Starbright Holidays drone show as well from here, it runs through January 8th, 2017.

There are a lot of non-alcoholic options at the Coca-Cola Store as well, including Freestyle drinks. This is a terrific area to enjoy drinks and a Disney Springs West Side view.



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