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Additional Shanghai Disneyland Merchandise Arrives to Epcot China Pavilion

Hi everyone!

Epcot's China pavilion has offered Shanghai Disneyland merchandise for a number of months. Sometimes there are a handful of pins or similar, but today there was more than I've ever seen. Merchandise here can turn over quickly, though the prices are higher than the first-go around when pricing was very reasonable compared to what I'd expect. For example, we paid $14 each for large grand opening mugs last year, and the mug I photographed below is closer to $19. I didn't photograph prices this time around on most items, but will next visit on whatever is left. This isn't everything, there are watches that have been here for a month or so and some other items - many are in our video below.

Also, there are very few discounts available for this location. We used the Disney Visa on a $50 order last year here for 10% off. And the Birnbaum's 2018 Walt Disney World book also has a 10% off coupon for the China pavilion including merchandise.

Merchandise is available at the House of Good Fortune shop in China, at the back.

There was a wall today that includes a variety of merchandise, including plush, a train, handbags, magnets, etc. The table in front of it has been the center of Shanghai merchandise most visits and also includes a number of different items.

Here is our video and then keep reading below for photos.

This is the first anniversary mug with Mickey and Minnie. Shanghai Disneyland opened on June 16th, 2016.

The train set is $198.00.

The first anniversary handbag/tote is cute but don't expect it to be like a Dooney and Bourke, it is a thinner material. I posted a Shanghai Disney bag above too.

This truck features the train from Mickey's Storybook Express, a train that always reminds me of Casey Jr.

There is also a Shanghai Disneyland Grand Opening truck.

Grand Opening ears.

Storybook Express train plush.

There is a lot of train merchandise.

Smaller items include pens and a magnet.

And smaller plush.

Plush keychains.

And this is a tote bag with the train, and this was about $10.

We will be back again soon to Epcot and will share more from here and other World Showcase shops.

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