SeaWorld's Waterpark Aquatica Celebrates 5 Years in Orlando with Animal Ambassadors, Prizes

Hi everyone!

Aquatica celebrated it’s 5th birthday with animal ambassadors, an array of prizes, and a themed cake! I was there when Aquatica opened for an industry event and shared several hundred photos from that day. There have been some changes since then, including the addition of the water coaster Omaka Rocka in 2010. Guests on Friday braved cooler temperatures to be part of the fun.
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6/22 - Aquatica Orlando Offers Swim Lessons, New Weekday Pass Option

Hi everyone!

Aquatica has a new weekday pass, as well as a fantastic deal on swim lessons for kids - and we were invited yesterday to Aquatica to learn about them. Our day in the park also included petting a sloth (my first time!) and unlimited visits to the Banana Beach Cookout.

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3/8 Aquatica Photos

I'd taken photos at Disney for an update Friday, and was settling in to watch the storm roll in at the Polynesian Resort beach when I received a text message from Eric Davis at Orlando Fun Tickets saying he had a question for me.   Having no idea what he was writing about, I called - and he asked if I wanted to go to Aquatica!  (yes!)
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