5/25 LEGOLAND Florida Water Park Smashes World Record

Hi everyone!

LEGOLAND Florida's water park made a huge splash as 1355 guests participated in breaking a Guiness World Record yesterday! Officially opening tomorrow, the park invited 400 guests to enjoy free admission and participate. In the end, everybody who arrived by 9am was let in, and helped crush the old record 0f 401 beach balls bounced at one time! Keep reading for more information and photos.

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LEGOLAND Florida Opening Day Photos and Video & "The Beginning" of the Park

Hi everyone!

This is the second in a series of photo articles I'm posting about LEGOLAND Florida. The first article covered the Grand Opening Ceremony that was held for the media, as well as showcasing the front entrance of the park. Today we are looking at the official opening day of LEGOLAND Florida! This doesn't include ride or show photos yet, I'll be adding photo articles over the next couple of weeks that include rides, attractions, restaurants and more.

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