Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris Halloween Photos & Video - Decorations, Mickey's Halloween Celebration, Villains and More!

Hi everyone!

The last time I updated the Paris section of Mousesteps was 2007, which was my last visit. I'm glad to be adding new articles, we had a terrific trip! Halloween at Disneyland Paris was my favorite Halloween at the Disney parks in a long time - and that is saying something, since both Walt Disney World and Disneyland put on great Halloween events. But everything was included with regular Disneyland Paris admission, which was very nice. We have 120+ photos here, along with video to share of Halloween at Disneyland Paris!

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Disneyland Paris Park Photos

I was at the Disneyland Paris parks for about 5 hours on May 1st (not very long, I was staying in Paris and had gotten sick - so I was ready to leave by mid-afternoon!)  But here are 42 of the 50 or so photos I took while inside the parks.   The main park is beautiful, well worth a visit if you are in Paris. 
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Disneyland Paris Resort Walk

I was in Paris in early May, and decided to do a resort walk prior to going to the park. Unfortunately I got sick and I had much less time than I planned - so the detail isn't what I'd have preferred.   But I did head back to take photos on Saturday, so I did get to touch on each resort.

I guess I need to go back! :)

When I do the walks, I don't do the photographs and timing at the same time (I occasionally will stop for a photo if I really want one, but not often).  So McDonalds, or any interior photos - those are not part of the times I post. 

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