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Epcot to Disney's Hollywood Studios Photo Walk 2018 Via the Walt Disney World BoardWalk

Hi everyone!

Here is my Epcot to Disney's Hollywood Studios photo walk for 2018 via the Walt Disney World BoardWalk in about 135 photos on 2 pages. I plan to update a lot of my photo walks for 2018. I keep waiting until there aren't so many changes happening but that isn't anytime soon - for example, I've been waiting until Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) was "done" to update that - but now I have a vintage photo walk from 2007 with nothing newer. So even with DisneyQuest torn down and other changes, I will have a new walk there soon.

The walk between Epcot and Disney's Hollywood Studios is my favorite on property, I have taken it hundreds of times. Epcot is my favorite park at Walt Disney World, and the walk to Disney's Hollywood Studios is easy, scenic and functional. There are wonderful restaurants and some shops along the way. I will be starting at the International Gateway within Epcot just to show how to leave if in the park, but the timed portion of the walk will start outside the gates.

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