Contemporary Resort/Magic Kingdom Area

Contemporary Resort

Contemporary Resort Photo Walk 2010 (Starting at the Magic Kingdom)


I started Mousesteps to showcase walks that I enjoy around Disney (I even have a Disneyland Paris resort walk ), and it's been quite some time since I've done one (I have mostly done construction and event photos over the past couple of years).  This is an update of my Contemporary Resort Photo Walk, which I did in 2007.  There is a lot that has changed since then! 

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Contemporary Resort Walk

* This Photo Walk was done in 2007, and will still be easy to follow. However, I do have an updated Contemporary Resort Photo Walk that I put up on 6/30/2010 as well (since the first one looks almost vintage now!)

This walk takes me from the Magic Kingdom resort launch area to the Contemporary Resort.   I've been asked on occasion if I can get more resort photos (including indoor pics) as well, so I'm being more detailed on newer walks.

The walk and the photos were done at different times.  I took the photos, then timed a walk.  So if you are stopping for pictures, it will take you longer.


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