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Disney Musical Treasures Uncovered With “The Lost Chords” – Video

Hi everyone!

Do you remember the song “I’m in the Middle of a Muddle” from the film “Cinderella“? Maybe not, since it didn’t make the final version of the film – Walt Disney might have thought it’d be best to not have Cinderella complain, and the song was set aside. This gem of a song is now part of Disney’s “The Lost Chords” series, which series producer Randy Thornton spearheaded. His restoration and re-release of Disney soundtracks led to the creation of “The Lost Chords”, which currently includes 4 albums!

The seed was planted for “The Lost Chords” when Thornton first discovered lost songs from “Mary Poppins” in the 1980’s as a master tape gofer. The Sherman Brothers thought the tape had been lost forever! You can read more of Randy’s story here on the Disney.com Insider. So far, there are 4 albums filled with songs originally written for their particular films – “Cinderella”, “Peter Pan”, “The Aristrocats” and “The Rescuers”. On each album, there is an original demo version of the song, as well as a fully realized version that was recently cut. “I’m in the Middle of a Muddle” is sung by lyricist Mack David on one track, and the current version is by Kate Higgins. The Cinderella “Lost Chords” songs are also on the Cinderella Collectors Edition CD.

Enjoy this video about “The Lost Chords”, it features Randy Thornton and Richard Sherman!


Check out the full story here, and here are links to each album!
I hope to hear many more “Lost Chords” in the future!