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Mowgli at Disney’s Animal Kingdom – RARE Character Appearance at Walt Disney World (Photos and Video)

Hi everyone!

Mowgli from The Jungle Book made a one-time appearance today at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, both by himself outside of the park and then inside with Baloo and King Louie. He was supposed to be at Epcot yesterday and never made it – but we were glad he appeared today!

There was a small crowd waiting for Mowgli when he arrived.

It didn’t take long for us to meet Mowgli, who was quite animated as you can see in our video!

He had us pose, though I’m not sure I quite did it right. 🙂

The one recurring comment I’ve had on Instagram and my personal Facebook page is about his body suit. It’s interesting, because I’ve had a lot of guests come to the website in the past couple of days to discuss Merida’s look (which isn’t much different in the parks than it is on merchandise and such). I’m just happy to have the meet & greets – especially of rare characters. My favorite part of Limited Time Magic – though Mowgli wasn’t part of it – has been the interaction with characters. And the comments so far on our videos have been very positive.

A few hours after greeting guests outside the park by himself, he moved inside to Bradley Falls to join Baloo and King Louie for a set or two. They were quite popular here!

This was a great location for the characters, shaded and cool – and great for us too!

Baloo, Louie and Mowgli make an exit.

Jeff pulled this photo out of his archives, it is of the Journey Into the Jungle Book show from 1998 – he actually shot it on the opening day of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I somehow missed this show, which only lasted for one year. Mowgli doesn’t have a body suit here – I’m not sure if that would have gone over as well in a meet & greet (just wearing shorts).

We would love to see more of Mowgli – and other rare characters – in the future! We will be discussing Mowgli’s visit on this week’s Mousesteps Weekly episode!