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Theme Park Connection Announces New Disney Collectible Online Resale Store

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Theme Park Connection sent us this press release about their new online store. Of course, it’s always best to go to the store itself for the widest selection, it’s only about a 20 minute drive from Walt Disney World – but this is a great way to keep up with the nicer collectibles they offer! We added a couple of photos from one of our visits to the store, along with a video tour from last year.

ORLANDO, FL – June 7, 2013. Theme Park Connection, known for being the World’s Largest Reseller of Disney items, has announced it has launched a new online store offering an ever wider and more unique range of Disney collectible items than were previously available on its eBay site. Of course, the concept of an online store is not new, but the idea of the 14 year veterans of eBay moving further away from the nationally known eBay site is for Theme Park Connection and with good reason. Theme Park connection specializes in buying and selling Disney items from all over the world. “Our business started with me offering Disney items on eBay in 1999. Over the past 14 years, our business grew to 9 employees and includes a huge 10,000 square foot warehouse shop open to the public in Orlando, Florida with plans of expanding to California in the future,” commented owner Marc Pianko. “This has created a great demand for the unique Disney items we find and our new online store gives us another platform to expand.”

Part of the reasoning behind this move is that eBay has recently increased the fees charged to resellers like Theme Park Connection who specialize in collectible items. Pianko, a Top Rated Plus seller on the site, was told that his eBay fees would be going up over 35%.”It’s a shame, really because if you look at the history of eBay, it started around the idea of collectibles. So at the core of this issue is all the collectible sellers that have helped build the site to what it has become and they have been hit the hardest with increased fees,” stated Pianko. It takes a lot of time and travel to find just one of the unique items Theme Park Connection offers their fans and they don’t have the luxury of ordering items from a vendor like other categories on eBay.
“However, our timing is excellent in this move to our own online operation as now we can offer our loyal customer’s different payment methods than allowed on eBay, free shipping and offer a wider range of unique Disney items such as the Disneyland Carousel horse we have listed on our new site without worrying about such extreme fees. I have always appreciated eBay and will continue to use the site as it has value as an online tool in our business model.”
Visitors can go to the Theme Park Connection website at and view the new online store. The company will always continue to list items on eBay but now you can find some of the rarest Disney items on their own online store as well. Also make sure you stop by their retail shop and browse the 10,000 square foot treasure chest of Disney items in person on your next trip to Orlando.

ABOUT THEME PARK buys Disney items from individuals and has even been dubbed in the media as the “World’s Largest Disney Pawn Shop.” They sell the collectibles they acquire online and at their Orlando warehouse shop that is open to the public. Located at 1307 Green Forest Court, Unit 110, Winter Garden FL they are just 25 minutes from Walt Disney World. They also travel the United States finding unique Disney artifacts. Some of the items acquired have even been featured on “The Jay Leno Show” and grace the homes of many celebrities. They are open weekdays 10am to 5pm & Sat 10am to 2pm. You can buy items directly now on and through eBay and the inside scoop on all things Theme Park Connection can be found on Facebook. For more information call (407-284-1934) or visit

Here is our video from a year ago – merchandise changes frequently, this is just a sampling of what they’ve had in the past.