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D23 Relaunches Website With Member-Exclusive Content And Free Membership Level

Hi everyone!

D23: The Official Disney Fan Club has relaunched it’s website with thousands of pages of new content! The free membership level also began today – but remember that it doesn’t include everything. We have an interview with D23’s Jeffrey Epstein here that explains it. For us, we already have one Gold membership in the household – so it will be nice to have a free membership for myself. Keep reading for more information on this press release about the reimagined website!

Many Disney fans have heard Walt Disney tell the story of how watching his daughter’s on the carousel at Griffith Park in Los Angeles served as inspiration to build Disneyland. But images from that fateful day have never been shown to the public… Until today. D23: The Official Disney Fan Club is launching their reimagined website with thousands of pages of new content, including a story that features photographs of Walt’s daughters Diane and Sharon on the merry-go-round on that fateful day that ultimately changed how Americans — and people around the world — vacation. The Walt Disney Archives recently discovered rolls of film from Walt’s personal camera with hundreds of images, just a few of which are showcased today on D23.com in their new member-exclusive section. Other photos include a young Roy E. Disney on the same carousel, as well as candid moments from Walt’s life and travels around the world.
In addition, visitors to  www.D23.com will find:
·         Exclusive Audiocast Interviews with Ginnifer Goodwin of Once Upon A Time and the evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz of Phineas and Ferb
·         Disney A to Z – A complete and newly-updated electronic version of the definitive Disney encyclopedia with more than 7,000 entries written by Dave Smith, founder and Chief Archivist Emeritus of the Walt Disney Archives
·         A selection of new member-exclusive discounts and special events
·         Disney Legends and the Walt Disney Archives – Two new microsites; Disney Legends will provide a deeper look at those who’ve made significant contributions to the Disney legacy, and the Archives site will open up the doors of this venerable institution so D23 can share more of The Walt Disney Company’s expansive collections.
·         And much, much more!!
At D23.com fans can sign up for a free membership to unlock even more Disney content that is only available for D23 Members.