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Main Street Bakery Opens As Starbucks Location at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Hi everyone!

The Main Street Bakery officially reopened at the Magic Kingdom yesterday as a Starbucks location. Gone are cinnamon rolls and the sandwiches we used to buy occasionally, in are Starbucks beverages and pastries. While we will miss the sandwiches, it’s nice to have something different in the Magic Kingdom. Here are 50 photos from the location, along with a review and video!

This the third remodeled bakery at Walt Disney World this year – the Boardwalk Bakery expanded in April, and the larger Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie opened at Epcot’s France Pavilion.

It was a gorgeous day at the Magic Kingdom when we arrived! The park itself was pretty crowded, but the wait in Starbucks wasn’t too long since it was mid-afternoon.

The Starbucks Siren (mermaid) can be found in a number of places, including through this window.

The Siren is also on a plate:

There are two sides that guests can choose from, each line passes by a case of baked goods. I didn’t find this very efficient, since some guests want just a drink and the case tends to back everything up. I think having a small case by each register would have worked better, or having one side dedicated to drinks only. There is no seating inside the Main Street Bakery anymore.

The menu items – drinks and pastries – seemed to be priced similarly to what an airport Starbucks might charge – a little more expensive than a regular Starbucks location. We found the pastries reasonably priced for being inside the Magic Kingdom. I don’t drink coffee, and Jeff usually drinks his at home.

Cast Members take orders at the cases, and then bag them. Again, this is where the bottleneck seems to happen – smaller cases of baked goods by the registers would have kept things moving a bit better.

A wide variety of Starbucks treats are here, including scones, muffins, banana nut bread, iced lemon bread and cake pops. We ordered several different items to try. I rarely go to Starbucks, but enjoy their hot chocolate and baked goods every so often. There has been some controversy about having Starbucks in the parks, but I think the quality is great. I would have liked to see the former sandwiches back again, since I don’t think they were moved anywhere else (unlike the cinnamon rolls, which are now at Gaston’s Tavern in New Fantasyland).

Starbucks Refreshers are for sale, along with bags of coffee.

Sodas, Powerade, milk and Disney snacks are in this case.

There are vintage style photos on the wall of people drinking coffee and/or tea.

I really like this photo a lot – the Main Street Bakery with a vintage look to it.

While there isn’t seating, guests can put their purchases down on a small counter (there are several inside the store).

Here is our video tour of the Main Street Bakery!

We brought our treats out to Center Street. With the elimination of seating inside of the Main Street Bakery – and the amount of guests that will be buying drinks and snacks – I think Center Street could use some more tables. We purchased a mango smoothie, blueberry scone, chocolate cake pop and banana walnut bread to share. The cake pop was sooo good! Everything was tasty, and our total was just over $12.00.

There is plenty of room for more tables here!

The sky was darkening, but looked gorgeous behind Cinderella Castle.

We enjoyed our visit to the Main Street Bakery. I imagine it will be very busy each morning, just as the former Bakery was (and like the one in Disney California Adventure is). We don’t tend to spend a lot of money at counter service locations inside the parks, although I think this will be a location we’ll stop at from time to time for a smoothie or snack. There are breakfast sandwiches in the morning that range from a reasonable $4.49 to $4.99 – Bacon and Gouda, Ham and Cheddar, Sausage and Cheddar and Spinach, Feta Arisan Breakfast Sandwiches along with a Cage-Free Eggwhite Breakfast Wrap. The Disney Dining Plan is accepted here, although I’d not use it for the Quick Service breakfast. The Quick-Service Breakfast Meal includes one entree and one non-alcoholic beverage, which would only be about $10.00. There is also a Continental Combo which includes one non-alcoholic beverage, one whole fruit and one pastry. It’s still going to run about $10.00. I don’t recommend the Disney Dining Plan to begin with, but if you are on it, the Main Street Bakery may be a better out-of-pocket location for a quick service meal.