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Mickey’s America Streetbeat Brings High-Energy Music and Dance to Epcot for Limited Time Magic

Hi everyone!

We attended the first showing today of Mickey’s America Streetbeat at Epcot’s America Gardens Theater at Walt Disney World. I expected to totally dislike it, thinking it would be like Mickey’s Dance Crew Show that was featured at Disney California Adventure. Instead, we LOVED it! And everyone we were with raved about it too. Mickey’s America Streetbeat is showing each day through July 14th, 2013. Here are some photos and video of the show, including Minnie Mouse tap dancing!

World Showcase was pretty empty, and Goofy was looking for guests to entertain. He showed us some dance moves while we were in line!

Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald are part of Mickey’s America Streetbeat show. They each showcase their talent, along with a highly skilled cast of dancers. I found the music highly entertaining as well, you can see the whole show if you read down the article! To call it a “hip-hop Mickey show” would be to downplay the performance.
Minnie strikes a pose in a sparkly red outfit! Each of the characters share talents that we didn’t know they had.
Mickey and Minnie look on as the dancers entertain the crowd.
Goofy is a great drummer! The music was all onstage, but not with standard musical instruments – for instance, a couple of pails were used by two drummers. There was a great rhythm throughout the whole show.
Donald crosses his arms.
Minnie busts a move in a terrific tap dance segment.
The dancers show a lot of skill, with breakdancing and acrobatics.
Donald shows his moves.
Streamers shoot from cannons over the audience.
Here is the full show!
We expect to go back and see Mickey’s America Streetbeat for fun this week. Definitely stop by the America Gardens Theater and watch this high-energy show if you are in Epcot on or before July 14th!