Long Lost Friends Week, Part Deux – Limited Time Magic with Dr. Facilier, Louis, Chicken Little, Br’ers and Robin Hood!

Hi everyone!

The second Long Lost Friends Week for Limited Time Magic is in full swing at the Magic Kingdom! While many of the characters were really never lost, it was fun meeting characters including Dr. Facilier, Louis, and Chicken Little! The Long Lost Friends will be meeting guests from July 15th – 21st, 2013. We were told by an attendant that the characters would meet until 5:00pm each day, but it might actually be earlier – I recommend arriving for 9am and meeting the characters quickly before the park gets too crowded! Keep reading for more information, photos and video.

We arrived right at 9:00am, which is a GREAT time to get there! The characters were just heading out, and we were done with two meet & greets before 9:10am. First up, we met Dr. Facilier and Louis (Louis also did a set later by himself). I’m not sure how long-lost Dr. Facilier and Louis are – they were introduced only 4 years ago, but you don’t see them in the parks much.

Our video of Dr. Facilier and Louis!

Next up were Chicken Little and Abby Mallard. I’ve never met them in the park before, though they have been in the Easter pre-parade in recent years at the Magic Kingdom. Jeff told them that the sky was falling, and they went for cover!

Here is our video of Chicken Little and Abby Mallard:

Robin Hood and friends made a return appearance – they were the only characters to appear during both Long Lost Friends weeks.

Just a moments after we started our meet & greet with Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Fox, and Br’er Bear, Br’er Rabbit had to leave. He did come back pretty quickly, but I thought it was interesting watching the other two turn to see him go!

Here is Br’er Rabbit at another time with an Oswald the Lucky Rabbit plush that a guest brought.

Br’er Fox hands Bre’er Bear his sign.

Roy and Minnie look on as Abby Mallard and Chicken Little greet guests.

Robin Hood meet & greet from the back.

Chicken Little and Abby Mallard hold hands as they enter Town Square.

As we were leaving the park, Louis the Alligator came out by himself – so we went for a quick meet & greet with him.

Here is our video of all the characters:

The rain kept the Long Lost Friends at bay for a bit.

As always, autographs are not given out – but autograph cards are. These are the ones we received today.

The Long Lost Friends characters have to be coordinated with the parade and Move It!, Shake It!, Celebrate It! Street Party. Here is Minnie and Dale from the street party! I was waiting for the entrance of the Long Lost Friends at the time.

Peter Pan and Wendy aren’t part of Long Lost Friends Week, but we haven’t often seen them together. They were meeting guests in Fantasyland.

Even if you don’t make it during Long Lost Friends Week, ther are tons of character opportunities throughout the year – often even rare ones. I would love to see some more extremely “Lost” friends – hopefully later this year.