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“Doctor Who”, “Downtown Abbey” Merchandise Expand Into Sportsman’s Shoppe at Epcot’s United Kingdom Pavilion, World Showcase

Hi everyone!

I stopped at Epcot’s United Kingdom pavilion today to see if there was any merchandise for Kate & William’s baby – there isn’t yet, though I’d be surprised if some doesn’t pop up soon. While there, I stopped at the Sportsman’s Shoppe and found less sports merchandise, but a wide range of Doctor Who offerings! In addition, there were Downton Abbey and Monty Python t-shirts. Guiness shirts and other beer merchandise has been moved to a different store. Keep reading for photos of the merchandise! I also share a few more pictures around Epcot.

There has been a limited amount of Doctor Who merchandise at the United Kingdom pavilion, but I was told by a Cast Member that last night the merchandise was moved to the Sportsman’s shop. There are now more shirts, posters, car magnets, a puzzle set, etc.  I watch quite a bit of British television, but I haven’t yet seen one episode of Doctor Who! It’s been in our Netflix queue forever, so hopefully we’ll change that soon. I have a feeling the show would also make for a popular attraction if the United Kingdom pavilion ever needed one.

Update 6/22/15 – Doctor Who merchandise is in the Toy Shop (and can move again), including the Her Universe Doctor Who dresses and more.

Doctor Who jigsaw puzzle with 1000 pieces:

Doctor Who t-shirt and poster:

Keep Calm and Don’t Blink shirt:

To Victory mug:

Bow Ties are Cool t-shirt:

Doctor Who car magnet:

Doctor Who poster:

Doctor Who phone booth t-shirt:

Dr. Who scarf and winter hat:

Dr. Who t-shirt, which has been around for months:

Monty Python t-shirts:

And I love the Downton Abbey shirts!

None of the items are official Disney merchandise, but it’s nice to have the opportunity to buy them at Epcot! While I was there, the Downton Abbey shirts were especially popular, along with Doctor Who.

After leaving the United Kingdom, I walked around World Showcase before leaving the park. These Captain Mickey with Duffy plush are on sale, originally from the Disney Store.

It was a gorgeous day looking toward World Showcase, but behind me was a large storm. I moved quickly after taking these photos.

More construction walls have gone up in Morocco since we’ve been there.

It was a quick trip into Epcot, but I enjoyed seeing the British show merchandise. And I’m hoping the UK pavilion will be decorated to commemorate William and Kate’s baby after the birth, it’s fun to see a bit of a celebration (even if it is just flags!)

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