Epcot Merchandise Update – Vespa in Italy; Hello Kitty Halloween in Japan; Additional Doctor Who in United Kingdom

Hi everyone!

We spent the evening at Epcot, and found some fun new items in the World Showcase shops. These are always my favorite stores to visit at Walt Disney World, since they tend to have a lot of exclusive merchandise not found elsewhere on property. A line of Vespa merchandise recently appeared in the Italy pavilion, there are some new Doctor Who items in the United Kingdom, and you can follow the Yellow Brick Road with Hello Kitty in Japan.

Hockey merchandise is always popular in the Canada pavilion – I think I’ve seen the “farm team” shirt before, but I don’t remember the others.

We posted a merchandise update in July which featured Doctor Who merchandise, along with shirts from Downton Abbey and Monty Python in the Sportsman’s Shoppe at the United Kingdom Pavilion. There are some new magnets and door hangers, along with scarves and hats that sold out quickly after they first came out. I expect the “My Other Ride is a Tardis” magnet to be very popular. The merchandise here turns over very quickly, so definitely check back more than once during your vacation if you love Doctor Who!

I’d love to see Walt Disney World add a Doctor Who attraction to Epcot.

These are Doctor Who door hangers, and come in a set of 3.

These little bears have moved – the Sherlock one is a favorite of mine!

In the France pavilion, small statues of historical figures – mostly Marie Antoinette and Napeoleon – are new on the shelves. The first photo makes me feel like I am at Club 33! I’m not sure how much of a market there is for Napoleon figures.

Apparently, macarons are the rage now – I don’t remember ever having one in Paris. They are all over these bags and miniature purses, and other items that include an apron.

Hello Kitty is ready for Halloween in the Japan pavilion!

Nearby, Hello Kitty is dressed as the Cowardly Lion; Tin Man; Scarecrow and Dorothy with Toto from The Wizard of Oz.

Hello Kitty Pajamas:

At Heritage Manor Gifts in the America pavilion, there are new Tavern Puzzles with names such as “Blackbeard’s Revenge”. I often check prices online to see what the difference would be in the “real” world, and these were very similar. Guests can try them out before buying – and we had a lot of fun with the puzzles! These are made in the United States, as are many of the new products found in Heritage Manor Gifts. It seems that Disney has made a concentrated effort to carry “Made in the U.S.A.” merchandise here now.

The whole store has changed recently, and new handbags have been added.

These bags are recycled from old sails – no two are alike.

This shirt has been out for a few weeks. I hadn’t realized at first that the reflections were beer, wine, champagne glasses, etc.

I had never heard of Mangiacotti, but the ginger-lime lotion is incredible! There are testers here, and the lotion isn’t cheap – but it’s similarly priced online too. I don’t always photograph prices, but maybe I should start doing that?  There are other Mangiacotti products too.

In the Italy pavilion, this Vespa collection arrived about a week ago. There are t-shirts, and magnets, cups, bags and more.

These Vespa phone cases are for the iPhone 5.

This Vespa satchel reminded us of what Flynn Rider would wear.

In the German pavilion, the vintage-look Disney ornaments have been disappearing, but here are plenty of other German Disney ornaments in stock.

And in Norway, merchandise is being shifted in a big way again. Laila products are now in the same shop as the Helly Hansen merchandise, and jewelry has been added (I don’t know if they sold it in the other section before).

It appears that the old Laila location will be a princess shop. Hopefully they replace the carpet soon too, it looks very worn.

That is it for this World Showcase merchandise update! There is always such a trove of unique merchandise, and you might even find fun items on clearance – this time around, World Showcase Epcot 30th Anniversary t-shirts were on clearance, as were Three Cabelleros t-shirts in the Mexico pavilion.