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Norway Stave Church Exhibit Opens at Epcot; Showcases Inspiration for the Disney Hit Film “Frozen”

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While Elsa and Anna arrived in Epcot’s Norway pavilion earlier this month, the work inside the Stave Church Gallery continued on the exhibit “Norsk Kultur”, which now is open! This exhibit showcases some of the inspiration for the film “Frozen”.

Walt Disney World now has three parks with “Frozen” featured! Disney’s Hollywood Studios currently has a display of “Frozen” concept art; the Magic Kingdom recently debuted a “Frozen” segment in “Celebrate the Magic”, and Elsa and Anna are meeting just steps away from the Stave Church through early January.

Make no mistake – unlike the concept art display at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, this is primarily a Norway exhibit. There are side by side comparisons of many of the display pieces with the film concept art, which will definitely help draw many more guests into the Stave Church Gallery.

This sign thanks individuals and and institutions for their support of the exhibit. It also mentions about how filmmakers spent a lot of time in Norway, learning about the landscape and culture.

The exhibit has a feel of a very small museum, with references to “Frozen”.

Here is our video of the exhibit!

This display features a woman wearing a bunad, which Anna’s dress is similar to (in the photo below).


This display shows how important the outdoors are, and that Kristoff is a blend of Northern and Southern Sami culture.

This is a beautiful chair – much of what is shown in the exhibit is highly detailed.

This sign talks about rosemaling, which is decorative painting.

This display case features a model of a stave church, 1/87 in scale.

Musical instruments are featured, as music is very important in Norway.

This is a mangle and scrubber from 1831.

Kolrosing is giving fine line decoration to wood, which you can see in this spoon.

Photos with side by side comparisons to “Frozen” are shown.

If you happen to be in Epcot, this is a nice diversion for a few minutes! I like that the exhibit isn’t totally “Frozen” related.

Here is our video of Anna and Elsa in Norway:

And the concept art display at Disney’s Hollywood Studios:
Celebrate the Magic “Frozen” segment:
And our interview with Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell and Josh Gad at the D23 Expo:

We reviewed “Frozen” here! It is a terrific family film.