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Fort Wilderness Christmas Decorations and Golf Cart Parade 2013, Photos and Video

Hi everyone!

We had a great time on Christmas Eve at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort, enjoying the Fort Wilderness Golf Cart Parade and the decorations around the resort. We met lumberjack Donald Duck and ate dinner at Trails End (our traditional Christmas Eve meal). I do need to eventually write up a Trails End review, it is a favorite of ours!

There are several golf cart parades at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort during the year. The biggest is for Halloween, and the other two are Christmas Eve and Fourth of July. We try to make all of them! The guests of the resort decorate their golf carts, some of them elaborately! One of our favorites in the Christmas golf cart parade was this Tangled golf cart.

Another favorite was this gingerbread house with a gingerbread man running alongside. Smoke was blowing from the chimney, which I didn’t notice until we saw the cart again later.

Everyone wanted to know how this guest was able to get Rudolph on the roof!

A Santa hat adorns the roof of this cart.

Here is our video of the Golf Cart Parade at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort! Donald led the parade.

We went to the Settlement, passing by this Hello Kitty, Mater and other Christmas decorations!

When we made it to the Settlement, some of the carts were passing by. I’d missed this fire hydrant with a real dog on the back!

Here is the steam billowing from the gingerbread house golf cart.

We walked around Fort Wilderness from dusk into evening, enjoying the elaborate decorations from the campsite guests. They always offer great displays to look at!

Sleigh rides were just beginning. Both wagon rides and horse-drawn carriage sleigh rides are offered during the holiday season to give guests a close-up look at the decorations.

The Fort Wilderness Christmas tree:

Santa was arriving to meet with guests. Hot cider was provided for guests meeting Santa, and he handed out candy canes.

We met Donald Duck in his lumberjack costume!

Here is our video with Donald!

The Tangled cart was parked – decorations included angels and characters from the film.

A Budweiser themed cart was parked nearby.

Mickey, Dale and other characters were part of this cart’s design!

Pluto on the roof.

Guests on a sleigh ride enjoy the Christmas decorations.

Flamingos with Santa hats!

Here are more decorations around the campground.

Carolers in a wagon sang songs of the season.

I want a purple Hippopatamus for Christmas!

Oogie Boogie and Jack Skellington join Santa and a snowman in this display.

Decorations continue with Mickey Minnie, Snoopy and more!

Daisy and Donald.

Mickey head in lights.

Bumble, the Abominable Snowman from “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer”.

Spiderman sits atop a gift.

We saw several pig decorations this season.

Here is a video of the decorations at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort!

We met Santa Claus before our dinner at Trails End.

The Christmas tree at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort, lit up at night.

We enjoyed our meal at Trails End, as always!

This Angry Bird decoration joined Snoopy, Mickey and Minnie.

This incredible house was encased in glass – there are so many tiny Disney details inside of it!

Mickey and Minnie enjoy sitting near the tree.

Chip and Dale with Pluto.


Almost everything has Mickey Mouse on it. There is a tiny Mickey with a phone, Mickey cups, and so much more!

Donald waves from the window. This was spectacular in how much work clearly went into it!

This is the first leg lamp I’ve seen at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort – I hope not the last! 🙂

Thanks for following along! Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort is a great place to spend time at any holiday, the guests are always so creative!