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End Zone Food Court Reopens at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort

Hi everyone!

We made it over to Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort yesterday to check out the newly refurbished End Zone Food Court. It really looks great, with wonderful new Disney artwork as part of the design!

The End Zone Food Court closed for refurbishment about four months ago, with the Game Point Arcade serving as a grab-and-go location for guests.

The food court reopened for guests about a week ago, with a lot of changes!

These new signs feature photos of some of the menu offerings.

A Christmas tree was still in the corner.

Disney’s All-Star Resorts have never been much about being subtle, but that has changed with the refurbished End Zone Food Court. The artwork here is beautiful, featuring Disney characters engaging in a variety of sports. Mickey and Goofy attempt hurdles here!

Goofy dives while Donald looks on.

Minnie spikes the volleyball into Goofy’s gut.

Mickey slides into home.

Daisy putts one into Donald’s mouth.

Mickey plays hockey as well!

The artwork is on booth dividers.

There were activities for children when we arrived, likely due to the rain.

Here is one more piece of artwork, Mickey an Minnie surfing. It’d be nice if these became lithos to purchase!

The beverage fountain is sports themed.

Here is a video we took a few months ago, using a Rapid Fill cup.

Pizza window.

Grandstand Spirits.

Here are some photos of the ordering area, including a few menus.

The trash cans are themed.

We talk about the End Zone Food Court Refurbishment in Mousesteps Weekly #83 (during the last few minutes).

And in the lobby, it was still Christmas!

I love these Santa sports-themed ornaments.

It’d be nice to see even more of Disney’s All Star Sports Resort refurbished, but the End Zone Food Court looks fantastic.