Denise's Corner

Mad for Macarons? Indulge Your Sweet Tooth At Epcot’s France Pavilion

Hi everyone!

Next week we will shine a broader light on Epcot’s France pavilion, but today I wanted to talk macarons! Our first macarons ever were from Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie last year, a box of 5 that expanded recently to include 6 for the same price. This past week, we tried 4 different ways to enjoy macarons at Epcot’s France pavilion!

For those who don’t know, Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie opens at 9:00 a.m. each day.  It has been wonderful during the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival to enjoy a couple of dozen topiaries along the way (without crowds!) and then relax with a snack in France. The view here is spectacular, and it gets pretty busy once World Showcase opens.

Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie has become our go-to French bakery in the area. Our most frequent purchase here is a baquette to take home for dinner (or a half baguette to split as a snack around World Showcase). The former bakery made way for the L’Artisan Des Glaces ice cream shop, and a much larger kitchen for Les Halles was built.

I’ve been to France 4 times and never had a macaron there! Macarons seem to have become much more popular in the last few years (although they have been around for hundreds of years). Macarons are often confused with macaroons, they are two very different pastries.

At Les Halles, this is just called “Macaron” on the menu, and looks like a tart. The raspberries and lime cream bring sweet and sour to this confection, and it works perfectly ($5.75).

Also at Les Halles, a new custom box was ordered from France so that 6 macarons could fit instead of 5. Vanilla is the new flavor! The box costs $10.33 plus tax, which is very competetive with other bakeries. World Showcase is my favorite shopping area at Walt Disney World, and this box of macarons makes a great souvenir to take home!

Just steps away at L’Artisan Des Glaces, we tried this amazing Chocolate Macaron Sandwich. The macarons and ice cream are made here fresh every day, using only natural ingredients. I think this little beauty is a bargain at $3.99 plus tax, and is now one of my favorite desserts at Epcot (the Brioche Ice Cream Sandwich is also delicious, and we will talk about that next week!)

L’Artisan Des Glaces opens at noon every day.

We love the French wrapper!

And for a limited time only, the Fleur De Lys France booth at the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival offers an Orange Blossom Macaron with White Chocolate Ganache ($5.00). The orange flavor just bursts in the mouth! I hope this will become a permanent flavor. This macaron is much larger than the ones in the box.

This one came home with us!

Which is your favorite way to enjoy macarons at Epcot?