Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort Refurbishments – Lightning McQueen & Cars Wing, Landscape of Flavors

Hi everyone!

I stopped by Disney’s Art of Animation to make a quick purchase, but noticed a lot of work going on in the food court and in the Cars wing during a short walk. Lightning McQueen is gone for refurbishment, with a Lightning McQueen sign in front of it.

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I walked into Landscape of Flavors, and read the gelato. 🙂

I think I see a Hidden Mickey, though it looks very, very tiny.

The Little Mermaid section of Landscape of Flavors is walled off, and there is nothing there – no chairs, tables, etc. It was very busy in Landscape of Flavors today, so I didn’t have a chance to ask anyone about it.

I walked into the Cars section. Ramone and Tow Mater were there, and even Sally behind a fence – but Lightning McQueen is currently not there. A big sign with artwork of Lightning McQueen takes his place for the time being.

Behind the fencing, Sally stands alone.

This is what the Cars wing usually looks like in our video from opening less than 2 years ago:

And at the Cars building with Luigi and Guido, the entrance is blocked and doors blacked out.

Everything was as usual in the Lion King section.


Back outside of Landscape of Flavors, these doors were unavailable.

Guests seemed to be eating outside quite a bit today, with a portion of Landscape of Flavors blocked off.

Have you seen the Jodi Benson autograph in the artwork chandelier in the lobby? It has been there for months now.

Some of the Cars Land merchandise from California trickles down to Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, including this Ornament Valley shirt.

It was a beautiful day to walk around Disney’s Art of Animation Resort!