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Customize Your Own “Frozen” Shirt at Design-a-Tee, Downtown Disney (Infant to Adult 5x!) – Updated 5/15/2014

Hi everyone!

This article was updated on 5/15/2014 with new “Frozen” designs (along with a few others)! Head to the end of the article to see them.

Walt Disney World held a “Frozen” Blu-ray release party yesterday at Downtown Disney, and we decided to stop there last night after having dinner with a friend nearby. We had our photo taken with a stationary Olaf in Once Upon a Toy, and then I noticed that childrens “Frozen” t-shirts had a Hanes tag in them. Being that it has been hard to find “Frozen” t-shirts for adults that we really like, we decided to check the Disney Design-A-Tee Shop (near the Art of Disney).

It turns out, the Disney Design-A-Tee shop currently has 3 different styles of “Frozen” designs that can be added to shirts – one is with the whole cast, one is just Olaf, and the other is Anna and Elsa. As always here, guests can choose their own t-shirt size from infant up to 5x, as well as the color of the shirt from what is available (including purple, pink, blue, black and green). For $26.95, an adult short-sleeve standard shirt includes personalization. There are some phrases that can’t be used due to trademark, like “I Like Warm Hugs” and “Let it Go”, but “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” was okay, and I chose that. Jeff made up his own phrase. We both also added the Walt Disney World logo. Purple is my favorite color, and it looks great with the cast of “Frozen” across it!

Here are just two pages of designs available!

I added the Walt Disney World logo on line 1, above the characters.

And while we were told it would take 45 minutes, our shirts were done within a half hour. When it is busy, I expect it could take as long as an hour or more, so visit here first before any other shops!

We love the cloth bag that the shirt comes in – we will definitely reuse it!

This was our first experience actually creating shirts at this location. We have stopped here before to look at designs, which include some of the Walt Disney World resorts (like Disney’s Art of Animation and Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort). Steamboat Willie and Oswald designs were recently added, and designs are added seasonally. There are actually quite a lot of choices, including a wide range of popular and obscure characters. Sofia the First and Doc McStuffins are also recent additions.

Here are some photos from the “Frozen” Blu-ray release party.

We went back to Disney Design-a-Tee this past weekend (May 10th, 2014), and two new “Frozen” designs are available! Elsa with her castle in the background will be a popular design, and I chose a Sven with Olaf.

Before checking out the photos, you can watch our video of the process!

There is actually a button now for “Frozen”. The designs were buried a bit before.

I made up a shirt that says “I Love Florida in Summer”. It took about 45 minutes to make, and the result is at the end of the article.

Besides the new “Frozen” designs, there are a number of new ones – many that have been used on Disney t-shirts in the past couple of years. Walt and Mickey with the quote “It Was All Started by a Mouse” is one that I’ve seen, along with the rainbow shirt, the turkey leg shirt, and “It’s Kinda Fun to do the Impossible”. Now, guests can still have the design, but with a choice from a variety of colors and personalized (for a similar price as a standard t-shirt). Disney Design-a-Tee does sell women’s style shirts for a few dollars more than unisex, along with long sleeve shirts.

Jeff plans to purchase this Scrooge t-shirt.

Another popular shirt is sure to be Flynn Rider!

My shirt was ready when stated!

Jeff took a moment to pose inside a shirt.

Disney Design-A-Tee accepts the Walt Disney World Annual Pass discount. We have a lot of fun customizing our shirts!