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Anna and Elsa Now Greeting Guests at Princess Fairytale Hall in Magic Kingdom (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!
Anna and Elsa moved today to the Magic Kingdom’s Princess Fairytale Hall, which is a much better location for them than Epcot’s Norway Pavilion – Princess Fairytale Hall can handle their long lines without guests pouring out into the walkways!

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We had arranged Fastpass+ a month ago, securing a reservation for late morning. For anyone looking to book Fastpass+ for Anna and Elsa, book it as early as you can. The reservations disappear like hotcakes! The actual wait time was listed as 180 minutes, and went up to 240 minutes at one point. Anna and Elsa meet with a visiting princess, our other princess was Princess Aurora. We talked with other friends who met with Jasmine.

Our wait was only 5 minutes for Anna and Elsa with Fastpass+, which we were surprised at. We both figured we’d be waiting at least 15-20 minutes. I fractured my foot a few days ago, and had Anna and Elsa sign my cast. We had been really looking forward to this day, and I’m glad we rented a scooter to enjoy Easter at the Magic Kingdom and the meet and greet!

Here is my cast after meeting Anna and Elsa! Are you looking forward to seeing them at Princess Fairytale Hall?

Here is our video with Anna and Elsa!

Sir Mickey’s is now filled with “Frozen” merchandise, and this artwork of the sisters as well.

Looking for more “Frozen” adult shirts? I wrote an article on how to customize your own at the Design-A-Tee at Downtown Disney. Jeff is wearing his in the photo with Anna and Elsa!

How long would you wait for Anna and Elsa? They are still so popular, more than any other characters I can remember in the parks. If you really want to meet them and have Fastpass+ from an upcoming resort stay, I recommend booking at 2 months out. Jeff booked ours at one month out, as soon as we were able (at about 12:01 a.m. Eastern time). One month is not enough now that they are going to be in the park every day from here on out.

Here is a video of them from Epcot’s Norway pavilion late last year!

And check out our video from when we interviewed Idina Menzel, Josh Gad and Kristen Bell about “Frozen”.