Denise's Corner

Fastpass+ Expands to Include Park Hopping, Additional Fastpass Selections

Hi everyone!

Park hopping is finally coming to Fastpass+! We have been testing Fastpass+ at Walt Disney World for nearly 9 months now, and this will be the first time we will be able to park hop and to add additional attractions after the first three are used.

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Disney has been planning to add park hopping and additional experiences, that is something we were told last year. It still won’t be a perfect system, but most guests will get more use out of Fastpass+ beginning April 28th, 2014. Once visitors have used their first three Fastpasses in one park, they can head to a new park (or stay in the current park) and make a new reservation at a kiosk (not on the My Disney Experience application right now). Guests with nighttime experiences like Illuminations will not currently be able to add new experiences. Visitors have to use the first three experiences in the first park before moving to the next. Then it works more like the old Fastpass system, one reservation at a time. I expect kiosks to get much busier in the late afternoon now, up until this point they have been busiest in the morning.

If you do plan to park hop, try to line up the most important reservations to you in the morning. Some reservations will be very hard to secure, like Anna and Elsa at the Magic Kingdom – but that is the longest line anywhere, and worth the Fastpass+!  Peter Pan’s Flight is a great attraction for the morning, since reservations will be harder to snag later in the day. The Festival of Fantasy Parade is also worth the Fastpass+ reservation, it’s a great viewing spot.

Toy Story Mania should be booked on the My Disney Experience application ahead of time. Attractions like Tower of Terror and Great Move Ride will be much more likely to have availability later in the day as a 4th reservation at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It is the same with Soarin’ at Epcot. Spaceship Earth is often a walk-on by the afternoon, but the Soarin’ line rarely gets shorter as the day progresses.

It is a good idea to book your experiences ahead of time if possible – again, especially for Anna & Elsa, who currently have wait times at the Magic Kingdom of up to 4+ hours.

Here is a look at our original MagicBand video, which has topped 200,000 views! The app has changed some, but the way the bands work hasn’t. And Jeff and I rarely use our bands anymore, ticket media (in our case, the Premier Pass) works just as well.

And here is our Mousesteps Weekly #64 from last August that talks about MagicBands! We have talked about Fastpass+ since then many times.
What has your experience been so far with MagicBands and Fastpass+?