Carnival Sunshine Boasts Great Counter Service Options in Guy’s Burger Joint, BlueIguana and More

Hi everyone!

One of the wonderful discoveries of the Carnival Sunshine (now sailing out of Port Canaveral) is the quality and choices of counter service offerings. From Guy’s Burger Joint to the customized pasta at Cucina del Capitano, I was just disappointed we didn’t have more days to try other restaurants!

The revamped 2.0 offerings on the Carnival Sunshine include Guy’s Burger Joint, which is a counter service location from chef Guy Fieri. The food here is fresh, the lines often long (though they moved quick) and the burgers awesome. The closest on land that the burgers and fries reminded me of is Five Guys. The toppings bar includes mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, onions and more.

Jeff enjoyed a Guy’s Burger Joint cheeseburger.

Check out all the options at the Toppings Bar!

This was an unusual sight, no guests in front of the counter. That changed within seconds from this photo.

Next door to Guy’s Burger Joint is the BlueIguana Cantina. Chicken, fish and pork tacos are offered, as are burritos. I read a lot of rave reviews about the tacos before we left, I liked the breakfast burrito better. No matter what you prefer, there are plenty of options for lunch.

We saved room to try Cucina del Capitano. With only one day to taste lunch offerings, we weren’t able to make it everywhere. But I could eat pasta every day, and Cucina del Capitano had been highly recommended.

Guests customize their own meals. This restaurant costs extra at night, but not for lunch (same as Ji Ji Asian Kitchen). We chose the linguini with bolognese sauce, garlic shrimp and grilled chicken strips. We added a caesar salad.

Next to our table was a painting of the Carnival Destiny, which is what the Carnival Sunshine sailed as before the $150 million overhaul.

Cucina del Capitano has an open kitchen, as Ji Ji Asian Kitchen does.

We spoke with guests at the next table, and they offered for us to take photos of their food as well. There are a lot of combinations of what diners can choose!

Our pasta was excellent.

Chefs cook up delicious dishes in front of guests who walk past them.

Due to an injury, we tried the Lido Marketplace at dinner – but just for one meal. There is a deli counter, a pizza counter, and a lot of variety! Guests can also pay to pour their own beer here.

I tried a little of the pizza, and it wasn’t bad. For Italian at lunch, though, I’d go for the pasta at Cucina del Capitano.

Guests sailing on the Carnival Sunshine need not be concerned about finding a great counter service meal for lunch.  And while soda does cost extra, we enjoyed iced tea for free with our meals.

The Carnival Sunshine hosted us on the cruise, but the views are all ours!