New Disney Princess and Villain Mugs Feature Rapunzel, Ursula, Cinderella and More!

Hi everyone!

We were at Disney’s All Star Music Resort yesterday and noticed the new princess (and villain!) mugs on the shelf. I had read about these a few days back, and didn’t realize until I posted a photo on Instagram that not everyone has seen them yet. These mugs should be found across property.

The mugs were lined up on two shelves, and Disney has said that they are inspired by the ear hat ornaments that have been so popular. Each mug has the character’s signature inside and costs $18.95. I am guessing these were designed well before Elsa and Anna came on the scene, those would have been even more popular!

The Cinderella mug features a glass slipper, and the handles are hairdos of the characters.

Snow White’s mug features an apple, and her distinctive red bow.

Belle’s mug features roses.

The Red Queen mug has hearts.

Ursula makes a great mug, with a shell neckace.

Jasmine’s mug includes a gemstone and her ponytail.

We didn’t see the back of this mug, but it is blue – we will photograph that when we can! Princess Aurora’s mug includes a rose.

Pearls and Ariel’s ponytail.

This is my favorite, Rapunzel’s mug. It includes her golden hair and lattice ribbon.

Which one is your favorite? Cinderella is winning on my Instagram in likes.