Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

Disney’s Polynesian Resort Photo Update May 11, 2014 – First Wall Up at Waterfall, DVC Construction

Hi everyone!

We spent a couple of hours today at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. I wasn’t expecting to see the waterfall again, but we were happy it wasn’t completely boarded up yet. I imagine that the lobby will be very quiet soon.

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This was the first time we were at Disney’s Polynesian Resort since the parking lot was changed. Part of the parking lot is similar, but the handicapped parking was in the front. I have a temporary permit, so it was very convenient for parking, though it was also nearly full when we arrived.

There are a lot of green fences up around the property, including in the parking lot.

And there are various shades of wall colors! This is by the bell stand.

It was nice seeing the outside waterfall flowing.

Walking to the entrance, with a wall to one side.

So far, there is just one blue wall up. We were very happy to get one more chance to see the waterfall before it is removed!

The wall on the second floor runs the length of the railing. The monorail station is on the opposite side.

This is looking at the wall from the other side. The Wyland dolphins used to be here.

Kona Cafe was busy on the other side of this wall, many families were celebrating Mother’s Day.

Here are some more photos from upstairs.

Here is a video from today.

We went back downstairs, and I took a photo from the shop of this Tiki taking his last look at the waterfall. I love the hidden Mickey on the back of his head! There will be many changes to the lobby of Disney’s Polynesian Resort, I don’t know if the stores will remain exactly the same.

We headed down the hallway, past the closed Captain Cook’s location and the closed Moana Mickey’s game room. While I’ve read that there may not be a game room here again, one longtime Cast Member said that there was a plan to put the game room in Captain Cook’s (like at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort). That would make more sense than not having a game room, but we’ll see how it turns out.

Tables outside the closed Captain Cook’s location.

The Disney Vacation Club bungalows are progressing, but don’t look too much different than a few weeks ago. Tiles are being added now.

Here is a look at them from a different viewpoint.

We walked toward the Tangaroa Terrace, green fencing the entire way.

The Neverland Club is still closed. Dates keep changing for openings and closings at the resort, so I won’t even venture a guess of when it will open back up.

This is the covered Neverland Club sign.

Heading back to the Great Ceremonial House.

Each time we visit, we think it will be the last time to see the waterfall. This time, I believe it really will be. I was thinking today of how quiet this lobby will be without it. Today was more of an emotional day, seeing the first wall installed. For more information on what will happen at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, check out our article here. We are looking forward to Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto!

Jeff enjoying a little time here. We both started visiting Disney’s Polynesian Resort in the 1970’s.

One last shot!

Here is a vintage look at the Great Ceremonial House at Disney’s Polynesian Resort in 1991, including the parrots that used to be in the lobby.

It truly is the end of an era without the waterfall. Nearly 40 years after we each first visited, the lobby and resort will be given an overhaul. That doesn’t mean it will be bad, but it will be very different and I will miss what is here now. I bet the Disney Vacation Club rooms will be lovely. Here is a look at the concept art for the lobby!

Heading back outside.

New palm trees have been added out here as well.

Are you going to miss the waterfall too? We will be talking about Disney’s Polynesian Resort on Mousesteps Weekly #100, and sharing some vintage footage of the Great Ceremonial House from nearly 25 years ago.