Denise's Corner

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Officially Opens to Guests

Hi everyone!

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train officially opened at the Magic Kingdom yesterday. I finally had the chance to ride it, given the okay from my doctor (I’m allowed to take steps now as I’m able to). And it turned out, I also needn’t have worried about being bumped around on the ride, the coaster is extremely mild.

We secured a Fastpass+ reservation when they were released, and only waited a few minutes to ride. I haven’t seen the full queue yet, which adds to the experience. I’ve been asked about accessiblity. I was on a scooter, and was able to hold onto the scooter while taking a step and holding onto the train car. I didn’t even need to take a full step on my own. After the ride, the scooter wasn’t as close – but they do have wheelchairs to get from the attraction to scooters/wheelchairs within the ride area. Since yesterday, I’ve been able to take my first real steps, but it wasn’t necessary here.

The attraction is much more interesting to me as a dark ride than as a roller coaster. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is a family coaster, fun but not thrilling in the way that Big Thunder Mountain is. I do look forward to taking a turn on it at night. I’ve been asked about the restraints and size of the seats. Jeff and I did not have any issues. The fit is a little awkward (moreso in the foot area), but the seats look deceivingly small.

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train had a 90 minute posted wait at the time we arrived (and at the time we left).

I didn’t take too many photos, I wanted to enjoy the ride first. But here are a few.

This scene at the end of the attraction is hard to see during daylight hours. It includes Snow White and Dopey. Jeff did a great job with video, though, when he rode it three times a few days ago!

Here is our video, several different rides combined to make one!

The end of the ride includes the Wicked Witch.

Snow White’s cottage is off in a short distance.

The wait time sign said 90 minutes, and it probably was that day. A Cast Member was giving out bottled water to guests in line on the Grand Opening day!

Here are some photos of guests enjoying the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

At Pooh’s Thotful Shop, there is an array of Seven Dwarfs merchandise – just not Seven Dwarfs Mine Train merchandise (except for pins). It would be nice to see some unique shirts and other items!

Dopey rides in a mine train in this Jim Shore piece.

The open edition pin is the only specific merchandise item available. Hopefully one of these days, we’ll see more ride specific merchandise in the parks (including for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train).

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is available on Fastpass+, book early if you can. We only waited about 5 minutes on our visit with it. Don’t expect a Big Thunder Mountain type ride, expect a dark ride with mild thrills. Nearly anyone tall enough will be able to ride (the height requirement for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is 38 inches).