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Typhoon Lagoon Turns 25 with Mickey, Free Cupcakes and Rain

Hi everyone!

Typhoon Lagoon turned 25 years old yesterday, with the word “lagoon” being the operative word as the skies opened up with rain for much of the afternoon. We were able to meet Mickey (Minnie didn’t come back out) and enjoy a drink and the free cupcake (with entree) to celebrate the anniversary.

We were planning a quick visit to Typhoon Lagoon, but the rain had other plans and kept us there longer. There was a dance party for guests, but it was winding down as we arrived.

Buying two days worth of tickets to the water parks? The Annual Pass costs less.

Disney celebrated with a Bay Breeze drink that had a throwback price, just $3.50 (cash only). The pour was generous for the price, and we each had one.

There was another special drink, the Blue Hawaii. We liked the price of the Bay Breeze better, so we passed. 🙂

Guests who purchased an entree received a free cupcake. The entree (a wrap) wasn’t very good, but the cupcake was deceivingly ordinary looking – it actually was delicious.

We were among the last to meet Mickey Mouse in his beach outfit. He stood next to the sign for Typhoon Lagoon’s 25th!

Here is our video from the day!

Typhoon Tilly.

For anyone who remembers Lagoona Gator, you can still buy a press penny with his likeness.

Happy 25th to Typhoon Lagoon! Time flies.