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Review: Good Morning Breakfast with Goofy & His Pals at Four Seasons Resort Orlando is a Fun Way to Begin Day

Hi everyone!

Ravello at the Four Seasons Resort Orlando is the setting for a new character breakfast, “Good Morning Breakfast with Goofy & his Pals”. It runs on Thursday and Saturday most weeks, and there is a third breakfast during busy times like summer and the holidays.

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The Good Morning Breakast is hosted by Goofy, which means that Goofy is guaranteed (just as Mickey is for Chef Mickey’s). Mickey and Minnie joined him, and I expect they will always be there too. New costumes were created for all three characters, and a character autograph card includes the three signatures. In 40 or so years of attending character meals (including on the Empress Lilly oh-so-many years ago), this was one of the most fun and relaxing character meals we’ve attended.

While we were invited to two grand opening events for the Four Seasons Resort Orlando, we paid for our breakfast. It costs $38 plus tax and gratuity for adults, $18.00 for children. Reservations can be made by calling 407-313-7777.

Ravello is located on the bottom level of the Four Seasons Resort Orlando.

The sign was out for the Good Morning Breakfast with Goofy & his Pals. During other days of the week, Ravello is open for breakast, just not with characters.

This card was placed on our table. We received a few nice souvenirs!

To the left is our special PhotoPass card, which allows for free downloads of the photos taken by PhotoPass photographers during breakfast. It is a nice bonus! I’m not even showing any of the 20 or so photos we have from PhotoPass, since we have so many from our own camera. And to the right is the character signature card.

The restaurant wasn’t full when we arrived for breakfast at 10:30 a.m. We prefer to dine a little later, so that it is more of a brunch experience. The characters didn’t leave until 11:30 a.m. (guests can arrive until 11 a.m.).

Keep reading for 60 photos and our review, but also check out our video! We will be talking about the breakast on Mousesteps Weekly show #115. Our YouTube playlist of the Four Seasons Resort Orlando has 9 videos so far.

Minnie Mouse came right to our table. Her bow is a pair of sunglasses, something really unique and fun! We love their new outfits. Our Twitter account went crazy yesterday with photos of these costumes. Minnie wears a light, summery dress. We have many more character photos through the whole article, and it is only part of what I took yesterday.

We didn’t spend a lot of time eating. Because of the amount of character interaction we had, we spent much more time on that. But we did have a chance to try some delicious offerings, including Chef Fabrizio’s Limoncello (non-alcoholic).

We were brought some tastes to the table, including salami. We were told that the chefs will work with food allergies.

We didn’t try the Bircher muesli.

Jeff enjoyed the Ravello cured meats and salmon.

Orange juice and coffee were brought to the table. Other juices were also available, including grapefruit and apple.

A variety of baked goods were available, including croissants and sticky buns.

I enjoyed a bowl of fruit. Watermelon, pineapple, raspberries and blueberries were some of the fruits available.

My main plate included pancakes, potatoes and bacon. Nearly everything we tried was excellent.

Jeff poses with Goofy. Later on, you’ll see who is on Goofy’s sneakers!

During one photo with Goofy, Mickey showed up.

All of the characters were really having fun, and Goofy hides behind his shirt here.

Mickey and Goofy head outside.

Minnie poses for a photo. You can see her sunglass bow even better here.

We have so many photos now from the character breakfast!

During the breakfast, there is a “Celebration Moment” every half hour or so. During this one, guests waved their napkins (like at Chef Mickey’s).

This is a look at part of the buffet line.

Jeff’s main plate included bacon, sausage, eggs and a chicken corndog. There are some items that can change, but the staples each day include bacon and eggs.

Chicken corn dogs.

Applewood smoked bacon.

Chicken pepper sausage and pork sausage.

Steelcut oatmeal.

Jeff ordered an omelet – we forgot to take a photo of it, but there were quite a few choices available!

Jeff brings back his omelet as Goofy appears again.

Here is a look at Goofy’s sneakers, with Mickey on them.

Goofy waves his hands as a PhotoPass photographer takes pictures of Mickey and Minnie with guests.

We followed everyone out for photos, as it wasn’t busy. Mickey and Minnie look even better with the gorgeous background! Mickey’s vest has Pluto on it.

And we got in, as did Goofy.

Jeff enjoyed a pot of coffee at the table.

This looked delicious – there wasn’t a sign for it, but it looks like bananas with coconut. I forgot to try it!

This was a yogurt parfait (no sign). Of everything I had, this was a miss for me.

Jeff left a Mickey shaped set of blueberries in his bowl.

There is an area for kids, which included cereals and hot foods, and also peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Before we left, I found this bread display. It looked so nice at first, that I thought it really was just a display! In fact, it’s bread to be enjoyed – several different kinds. Bagels are also available.

There were quite a few spreads, including apricot jam, nutella and peanut butter. I had one piece of bread with some delicious apricot jam.

There is a list of items available on each table. I wish I’d read it first, I know I missed a couple of things! But again, we really had such a great time with the characters that food wasn’t first priority. What we had was upscale for a character breakfast, and nicely spread out so there shouldn’t ever be long lines.

Mickey and Minnie play with a child before they head out.

We were able to take one last photo with Mickey on the stairs. I had seen other guests getting character photos here.

Mickey and Minnie leave for the day.

We took a walk around the resort, it is the third time we’ve been here now. The Four Seasons Resort Orlando is gorgeous. It is not a Disney resort, but it is at Walt Disney World. There is a motorcoach which takes guests to the parks. And there is a lot of recreation – and about half of the amount of rooms that most Disney deluxe resorts have. I can’t imagine the pools and lazy river ever being too busy due to that. Here are some photos from yesterday.

Here is a video from a couple of weeks ago of the lazy river, Explorer Island and adult pool.

One of our favorite views is this canopy of palm trees.

Every angle is gorgeous.

And you won’t miss the beautiful fireworks inspired chandelier in the lobby. It is a stunner.

The Good Morning Breakfast with Goofy & his Pals is priced a little higher than other character breakfasts on property, but it includes the PhotoPass downloads and and a casually upscale dining experience. It does say on the card on the table to have your cameras out because it can take the characters “a long time for them to return to your area”. While we had a ton of time with the characters, I expect it will be a little less once word gets out on the breakfast.