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Review: “Disney on Ice Presents Frozen” Will Melt Hearts

Hi everyone!

We were invited to a media preview of Disney on Ice Presents Frozen, which we attended last night. The show is guaranteed to be a hit, we enjoyed it so much that we are going back this weekend. Disney on Ice Presents Frozen kicks off at the Amway Center, and then travels around the country.

As with all Disney on Ice presentations, merchandise is available, including these cups that feature Olaf, Anna and Elsa.

The sets, lighting, and the costumes are stunning for this show! There are 58 different paint colors used on the props.

Unlike many other Disney on Ice shows, this one is entirely a Frozen production, except for the beginning and end. Princesses with their princes, including Cinderella and Prince Charming skate at the introduction with Goofy, Mickey, Buzz Lightyear, Woody and many other favorite characters.

Young Anna and Elsa build Olaf. The storyline mostly matches the movie. If you love the film, you will love this production.

Before the rest of the photos, here is our short commentary video with highlights from the show!

Anna is about to meet Hans, and they skate together to “Love in an Open Door”.

Elsa is coronated in this beautifully designed scene. There are 108 costumes in the show, and each cast member wears between 1 and 5 costumes throughout the show.

The Duke of Weselton stops by the coronation party!

Anna and Elsa finally see what a party is like.

The costumes and the lighting are very well thought out, and beautiful to see in person.

Hans asks Anna to marry him.

Elsa does have other thoughts.

Elsa makes it snow over Arendelle.

Hans bows as Anna gets ready to find Elsa in the mountains.

At the beginning, we’d seen baby Sven and Kristoff. Soon they both are grown.

“Reindeers are Better than People”.

Here is our video of Anna meeting Kristoff for the first time.

Elsa walks through the snow alone.

She removes her cape to showcase her Ice Queen Dress, which is hand painted silk chiffon by Pearson-Meares.

Lights shimmer above Elsa as she skates to “Let it Go”. This finale was so huge, that we thought the second act might falter a bit. It didn’t.

In the second act, Olaf arrives!

Kristoff and Olaf.

Here is our video of Olaf’s debut.

Olaf loves summer, and this musical skating number (to “In Summer”) is terrific! Check out the lovely, colorful costumes.

Elsa just wants to be alone.

Anna has other ideas, but is stopped by Marshmallow, the ice monster.

Anna, Kristoff and Olaf go to find the “love experts”. While this segment isn’t my favorite scene in the film, it is a very strong part of the ice show.

There are 32 trolls here, each with a unique face.

Anna is told she needs to receive an act of true love to help her, after Anna accidentally harmed her again.

Olaf says that “some people are worth melting for”.

Hans tricks Elsa into believing that Anna didn’t make it.

Anna and Elsa hug after the act of true love was bestowed on Anna.

Olaf has his own personal flurries!

Elsa finally has a reason to smile.

Anna bestows a new sled to Kristoff and Sven.

They share a first kiss.

It’s time to hear Let it Go again.

All the characters from the introduction come back to join Anna and Elsa.

Mickey and Minnie with Sven behind them.

Anna and Elsa say goodbye.

The lights that were white earlier now shimmer with many other colors.

We recommend Disney on Ice Presents Frozen! Jeff has seen maybe 20 Disney on Ice shows and says this is the best ever. We look forward to seeing it again!

Tickets can be purchased for Disney on Ice Presents Frozen here!