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Legends of Hollywood Now a “Frozen” Merchandise Shop, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Hi everyone!

I stopped in at Disney’s Hollywood Studios yesterday, and noticed that Legends of Hollywood has been transformed into a store themed to “Frozen”, with all “Frozen” merchandise. Legends of Hollywood is on Sunset Boulevard, near where the upcoming Starbucks will be.

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The marquee says “Frozen: Everything for the Film Fan”. There was nothing I hadn’t seen here, but I expect there will be much more merchandise released for the Christmas season – we’ve already seen items posted from Disneyland Paris that I anticipate will be sold in the U.S. as well.

Elegant film posters are outside, with Queen Elsa of Arrendelle “in her Hollywood debut”. The poster says, “Only an act of true love will thaw a freezing heart”.

Olaf is on this poster, which says ‘Fun and laughs with Hollywood’s newest star”.

This window features Olaf, with a mixture of beach and snow.

Anna is next up, with the tagline “There is hope for the kingdom”.

Kristoff and Sven are on the last poster. It says, “Chilling adventure for the whole family!”.

This store has sold Pooh merchandise previously, some Marvel merchandise at one point, and a mixture of other merchandise. It hasn’t always had much of a cohesive theme.

Anna and Elsa portraits.

This artwork with the Chinese Theater is still front and center.

“Frozen” merchandise.

Kristoff portrait.

Olaf sculpture for sale.

There are new “Frozen” pressed penny designs – Anna is here, along with Elsa on the second, and Olaf is the last pressed penny.

The two cash register counters have “Frozen” theming.

Sven used to be constantly sold out, but there is no shortage now!

“Frozen” pins.

There is quite a bit of “Frozen” merchandise here. This seems as it will be the permanent “Frozen” store (until something more popular comes along!)

Do you like the changes to Legends of Hollywood?