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Disneyland Paris Halloween Photos & Video – Decorations, Mickey’s Halloween Celebration, Villains and More!

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The last time I updated the Paris section of Mousesteps was 2007, which was my last visit. I’m glad to be adding new articles, we had a terrific trip! Halloween at Disneyland Paris was my favorite Halloween at the Disney parks in a long time – and that is saying something, since both Walt Disney World and Disneyland put on great Halloween events. But everything was included with regular Disneyland Paris admission, which was very nice. We have 120+ photos here, along with video to share of Halloween at Disneyland Paris!

The photos are on two pages!

Villains took center stage this year – the Halloween Gang of Maleficent, Captain Hook, the Hag and Jafar are on this poster.

The entrance to Disneyland Paris for Halloween includes Minnie, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, along with two ghosts and assorted pumpkins. At night, this area is quite colorful (I have a photo near the end of the article).

In Mousesteps Weekly #120, we talk all about Halloween at Disneyland Paris!

The ghosts look like train conductors! In Florida, pumpkins are themed to the different areas (including above shops). In Disneyland Paris, the ghosts are themed to their locations while the pumpkins really aren’t.

The Disneyland Paris program includes the Halloween Gang.

The ghosts and pumpkins were here for a couple of weeks before the Halloween season began on October 1st.  But it was very exciting to enter the park on the official opening day, with the sounds of ghosts filling the air. We arrived during early Extra Magic Hours (we purchased Dream Annual Passports, and EMH is included) –  the park was wonderfully empty.

There are ghosts at the band shell dressed as the Disneyland Paris band.

Jeff poses with the ghosts.

Main Street ghost citizens sit on the bench.

City Hall.

The Dapper Dans as ghosts!

Pumpkins line the light poles down Main Street and around Town Square.

This ghost rides a bike above a bike shop front.

A ghost has terrible toothache pain. What isn’t seen in this photo is that he’s below a window that advertises dentistry. We hadn’t noticed that until we took a Disneyland Paris tour!

Jeff takes one of several vehicles down Main Street. Ghosts are even in the car!

Clarabelle Cow in a display window of Main Street. Disneyland Paris has my favorite window displays of any Disney park I’ve visited!

Witch hats sit on green and orange lights.

We highly recommend an Omnibus ride. The view of Sleeping Beauty Castle is gorgeous from above!

This is a look at Sleeping Beauty Castle from Main Street level – it was foggy that morning.

A Main Street vehicle with ghost travels toward us.

A ghost chef is above Walt’s restaurant.

This ghost appears to be a mechanic.

This ghost offers something to eat.

Market Street decor.

Posing with a ghost holding a dog (another pup is at her feet).

There are a lot of great photo opportunities!

The horse-drawn trolley, decorated for Halloween. Even the horse is decorated!

Ghosts above Casey’s Corner are playing ball.

Ghosts above Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour are enjoying – what else? Ice cream!

This was my favorite ghost photo opportunity, an artist with canvas.

Here is our video look at the Halloween decorations!

Pumpkins in Central Plaza include Disney characters. Minnie is sitting in a bed of flowers in Halloween/autumn colors.

Mickey pumpkin.

Goofy pumpkin.

The first event for the day during October (and from what I understand, the Halloween season will start earlier for 2015) is The Maleficent Disney Villains Promenade (Le Promenade Malefique des Mechants Disney). It begins with some of the Disney villains parading around Central Plaza, followed by the Chernabog float with Maleficent on it. Jafar, Cruella, Dr. Facilier and the Evil Queen are part of this procession.

They make quite a sight, heading out of Sleeping Beauty Castle!

Judge Frollo strikes a pose.

The Chernabog float is quite a constrast with the elegance of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Captain Hook.

Chernabog looks like he is grabbing Maleficent by her wings.

Hades is part of the float design.

Scar and Ursula also are on sides of the float.

This made quite the entrance!

Here is our video of the Maleficent Disney Villains Promenade:

From what I have read, there used to be a Halloween stage show here. I know the decorations were different last year – but this is still a beautiful setting, with a Mickey sunflower and pumpkins.

Lanterns with Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy can be found around decorated areas.

Dr. Facilier in the promenade.

New for this year is this imposing 3 ton set of brambles where the villains greet guests.

We didn’t realize that Maleficent would begin the meet & greet with a welcome each time. Smoke arises from Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Maleficent as a dragon can be seen in the brambles.

A child with Maleficent horns watches Maleficent as she welcomes the crowd.


The meet and greet procedure is actually pretty well done. It reminds me of the former Disney Villains Mix & Mingle at the Magic Kingdom (Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party) but everyone crowds around instead of stands in a line. But each villain was really great at choosing guests from the crowd. During one meet & greet which felt very busy, we were able to meet 3 villains easily. The Evil Queen put on a great face!


Cruella de Vil.

The Red Queen.

I believe Maleficent was part of each set (there were two sets each day) of characters. The other characters that appeared differed.

Gaston was great!

The Hag was absolutely fantastic, and we really liked that she was a face character here.

She tried to give me an apple, but I chose not to accept.

Check out our Halloween Disney Villain Montage:

Haribo candies were being handed out at all meet & greets. I hadn’t realized that Haribo made so many different kinds of candy.

Guests grabbed from 2 or 3 different kinds.

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