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Memento Mori Opens at Magic Kingdom: Photos & Video of Haunted Mansion Store and Merchandise

Hi everyone!

Earlier this month, the new Haunted Mansion shop Memento Mori opened at the Magic Kingdom. We were out of town at that time, and finally had a chance to see it for ourselves! Memento Mori replaces the former Yankee Traders, which carried a small selection of Haunted Mansion merchandise (as does the Christmas shop as of our last visit there).

Memento Mori can get crowded. It is a small shop with a lot of different merchandise, and we’ve seen photos of lines outside the door. Disney says that Memento Mori is the “former abode of Madame Leota”. It is nice to have a dedicated store for an attraction that only sells exclusive merchandise (I’d love to see that for other attractions, like Space Mountain and Splash Mountain). Memento Mori truly sells something for everyone that has any interest in the Haunted Mansion, from t-shirts to postcards to Haunted Mansion themed snacks.

It is apparent from the moment guests step into Memento Mori what the shop is about.

This is a portrait of Madame Leota which changes lighting every so often.

There are 100 or so photos in our article, but we also have a video!

There are a lot of great items that would make for quick costumes for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, including these shirts.

Master Gracey tombstone shirt.

Hat with Hitchhiking Ghost pins.

Haunted Mansion ice cube trays.

Haunted Mansion hats.

This Ghost Host t-shirt is lenticular and changes. I don’t know how well this will do in the wash, I expect Jeff will purchase one eventually.

Tombstone cookies and skull rice krispie treats.

iPhone cases.


Welcome Foolish Mortals shirt.

Madame Leota shirt.

Bat caps.

Haunted Mansion popcorn.

Haunted Mansion cotton candy.

Haunted Mansion plates. I believe there is a limit of 6 of any item or style per day, per guest.

Haunted Mansion cups.

Hitchhiking Ghosts.

We have this from many years ago.

Haunted Mansion shirt.

Haunted Mansion sweatshirt.

Welcome Foolish Mortal sign.

Haunted Mansion child sweatshirt.

Bat chocolate pops.

Haunted Mansion glow-in-the-dark t-shirt for children.

There are numerous pieces of artwork for sale.

Haunted Mansion bookends.

Hatbox Ghost.

More artwork for sale.

Small busts that are based on the ones in the newer queue of the Haunted Mansion.

Caretaker with his dog.

Hitchhiking Ghosts.

Madame Leota.

Guests can purchase an 8×10 personalized portrait for $19.95 plus tax.

There are over 100 Haunted Mansion items in the shop!

I would expect these hats to be a big seller, especially around Halloween. MM for Memento Mori is next to them.

Shirts and hats.

Ghost Host hats, and Haunted Mansion MagicBands.

Haunted Mansion notepaper.

I bought this Haunted Mansion lenticular postcard for a friend.

Madame Leota towels.

Madame Leota iPhone case.

Hitchhiking Ghost iPhone case.

Haunted Mansion wallpaper cap.

This mirror sometimes has an image that isn’t from anyone in the shop.

Haunted Mansion 3rd floor plans.

This looks like a napkin but isn’t really absorbent.

Rest in Peace pillow.

Haunted Mansion pen.

Foolish Mortal shirt.

Haunted Mansion keychains.

Haunted Mansion magnets that glow in the dark.

More magnets.

Haunted Mansion mug with “Hurry Back” inside.

We talk about Memento Mori on Mousesteps Weekly #121!

Guests can also purchase some of this merchandise at the Disney Store online, but we highly recommend visiting the shop at the Magic Kingdom!