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Disney Resorts Offer Decorated Pumpkin Displays Including “Frozen”, Maleficent & “Big Hero 6”

Hi everyone!

Yearly pumpkin displays are offered at select Walt Disney World resorts during the holiday season. Cast Members decorate the pumpkins, which are voted on by guests. So far we’ve found three resorts with displays this year – Disney’s Art of Animation Resort; Disney’s Pop Century Resort; and Disney’s Boardwalk Resort. There will be more, I know of a couple of other resorts that are supposed to have displays up by Halloween (which is tomorrow!) “Frozen” has been a consistent theme running through the displays, as well as “Alice in Wonderland”.

We always enjoy seeing what Cast Members can come up with for Halloween! It was noticeable this year that the pumpkins are – well, not really made of pumpkin. Whatever they are made of, the pumpkins are still able to be carved and painted, and the Cast Members did a great job.

The first resort we visited was Disney’s Art of Animation Resort. We were there to meet friends for dinner, and enjoyed the pumpkins beforehand.

Our favorite of the pumpkins was Maleficent, as she appears in Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade.

Elsa and Anna join Olaf (in Mickey Mouse ears) on this pumpkin.

A pumpkin witch.

This is Halloween! Jack Skellington and Zero join others in Halloween Town.

The Red Queen.

Our video of Disney’s Art of Animation pumpkins:

“Frozen” is a central theme of all the displays we’ve seen. This is Disney’s Pop Century Resort, also in the food court.

Cinderella and Prince Charming in their pumpkin carriage.

Olaf in a pumpkin.

Mike Wazowski pumpkin.

Mad Hatter.


Here is our video of the pumpkins at Disney’s Pop Century Resort.

Disney’s Boardwalk Resort has the most expansive of the displays we’ve seen so far. There are so many pumpkins here (and two big Olaf creations).

Dumbo, Donald and the Little Mermaid.

Dumbo is painted, with some other elements.

This is one of my favorites, with Ariel and Flounder.

Maleficent on the right, and a Magic Kingdom designed pumpkin on the left. That pumpkin looks even more interesting on the back.

On the back of pumpkin 23 is Cinderella Castle; the end float from Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade; and a monorail.


Queen of Hearts.


Baymax makes his debut this year as “Big Hero 6” is about to open in theaters. Pooh and other pumpkins surround him.

The Orange Bird.


The Boardwalk pumpkin is really nicely done.

Another Olaf, with the Boardwalk pumpkin and Elsa flanking him.


We hadn’t noticed at first that the pumpkin with Elsa was decorated all the way around. Anna is on one side, even her dress looks beautifully done.

But this is my favorite side of all, with Anna and Elsa as children creating Olaf.

Mickey as a mummy.

Finding Nemo.

Here is a look at the huge display at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort!

And here is the last video, of Disney’s Boardwalk Resort pumpkins!

As much as I enjoy the parks, I enjoy the resorts as much (or more), and especially when there are special displays. We will bring more of Halloween in the coming days, followed very soon by Christmas in the parks!