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Ratatouille Merchandise Selection Expands in Epcot’s World Showcase France Pavilion

Hi everyone!

I stopped at the Epcot France pavilion to try the new Strawberry Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich (it is seasonal and delicious, check it out!) and found a plethora of new merchandise in L’Esprit de la Provence, much of it Pixar Ratatouille themed. At least some of the items – along with the logo – originated in Disneyland Paris, we have an apron and magnet already from our Disneyland Paris visit. Most of the merchandise is branded here to Epcot World Showcase. Up until now, there were just a few Remy items for sale. There is also new merchandise featuring macarons with Epcot World Showcase branding.

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It is interesting that so much Ratatouille merchandise arrived just after Remy left Chefs de France. I have prices here for the Ratatouille items and some of the macaron merchandise.

Ratatouille “Say Cheese” t-shirt with the Remy and Emile logo, children’s sizes for $19.95.

This Remy and Emile figure is from Paris, we almost purchased it on our visit. It says “Bistrot Chez Remy”, which is in the Walt Disney Studios Paris. $16.95.

Ratatouille Remy magnets, originally in Disneyland Paris. Here, they are $5.95 and say “Epcot World Showcase” on the back.

Ratatouille metal sign, $8.95.

The aprons are $32.95, and there are two that are Ratatouille themed. The aprons are VERY popular in Disneyland Paris, we were going to buy one for a friend but it sold out before we did.

This Ratatouille apron I have from Disneyland Paris, a friend gave it to me as a gift before our visit last year. Mine says “L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy”, which is the new attraction in Walt Disney Studios Paris. This apron says “Say Cheese” and “Epcot World Showcase”.

This women’s shirt with Remy costs $29.95.

I am pretty sure I saw this one at Disneyland Paris as well, it is very cute with Remy’s whiskers and chef hat! This shirt is $24.95.

I love this bag! It costs $24.95.

Another section of the store features Epcot World Showcase macaron merchandise, including this apron with Disney theming.

This is the selection of macaron merchandise, all of it includes Mickey’s head.

This Mickey Mouse macaron shirt is $27.95.

Macaron Mickey head magnet.



This bag is also $24.95.

“I Love Paris” macaron shirt with the Eiffel Tower. Mickey’s head is at the top.

The Eiffel Tower macaron sign with Mickey at the top.

I know I’ll be purchasing a few items, I’m a huge fan of Remy and France! I would really like to see a similar attraction to what is in Disneyland Paris come here, or at least meet and greets with Remy and Emile.