Lava Pool Opens at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort opened the first phase of Disney Vacation Club villas (including the Bora Bora Bungalows) on April 1, and now the Lava Pool is open for guests. For the first time ever, the resort also has a hot tub. Kiki Tikis Splash Play is still being worked on and hopefully will be open soon. Both Jeff and I have been visiting since the 1970’s, and this is the biggest change I can remember in that time. We have an article from a few months back when the Polynesian Village Resort lobby opened, and when Trader Sam’s opened last week. Everything has been falling into place, and even those who miss the old lobby seem to be mostly embracing the new.

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The weather on Sunday wasn’t sure what it wanted – torrential storm or sunshine? We didn’t end up with any rain. The beach is back, with guests able to enjoy lounging in chairs a little further down. We were asked by readers if there will be any cabanas to rent at the pool, but it looks like that isn’t in the plans right now.

Here is a look down the beach.

The pool is now fenced, with more than one entrance. Disney’s Wilderness Lodge recently received a similar type of enclosure. Walt Disney World has been much more strict on pool hours in the past year or so.

Walkways around Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort have been widened, and palm trees added.

This particular pool entrance is harder for young kids to enter. There is no handle on the door itself. There is at least one another entrance that is much more easily accessible.

There are plenty of chairs for guests who are staying here.

The rockwork under the volcano seems about the same, with the former restrooms and showers still available. Another new restroom building is nearby, but with fewer stalls.

The waterfall can be seen from underneath.

The sun started setting on the Lava Pool.

Guests can enjoy the slide.

Here is our video of the Lava Pool and hot tub.

The Barefoot Pool Bar wasn’t yet reopened, but the prices were listed outside.

This bar is geared toward resort guests. Trader Sam’s opened last week and has more of a locals feel to it (just as the one in California does).

I am very glad that Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort now has a hot tub. I look forward to trying it whenever we stay for a night here.

12 guests can enjoy the hot tub at one time.

This is the view from behind the hot tub of umbrellas and Disney’s Grand Floridian Villas.

Here is a look at the walkways around the resort as well.

Walking out of the Great Ceremonial House toward the pool is a different sight than just a couple of years ago.

These trees were recently planted, landscaping will fill out a little more of the coming months.

Walking along this path is very scenic.

Guests were enjoying the beach lounge chairs with the Bora Bora Bungalows in view.

When the original Sunset Point was removed, I didn’t expect it back. But it is here, and just as nice as before. While the bungalows do take away much of the sightline of the Magic Kingdom, it is still a nice view.

There are two benches up here for guests to sit in.

Disney’s Contemporary Resort can be seen past one bungalow.

And Cinderella Castle can be viewed between these two.

Sunset from Sunset Point.

Now that the resort looks so nice again, it is a great time to book a visit here! We recommend Pixie Vacations. There is still more work to come on the quiet Oasis pool (which will be closing soon if it hasn’t already) and finishing the DVC Villas, but overall the resort looks and feels nearly complete.

Will you be visiting Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort in the coming year?