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Star Wars Day at Sea; Frozen & Tangled: The Musical Specifics Announced at Disney Cruise Line Event

Hi everyone!

The Disney Cruise Line held its first Disney Parks Blog event today at the Atlantic Dance Hall at Walt Disney World. Fans of the Disney Cruise Line watched a presentation that included information and concept art about three unique experiences coming to the ships: Star Wars Day at Sea; Tangled: the Musical; and several aspects of “Frozen”. Disney characters were also on hand both for the presentation and for meet and greets after the event. Both Jeff and I have been on 6 Disney cruises since the Disney Cruise Line debuted in 1998, and already are booked for a Star Wars cruise (I recommend booking soon, the prices have already risen substantially since it was announced). Here is a look at the event, with videos of all three segments.

The Disney Cruise Line Meet-Up was relatively small, with maybe 150 or so guests.

“Mitzi Glamour” helped host the presentation, providing entertainment throughout.

Cruise Director Ray Smale showed up tied to a chair, but was unbound quickly for the rest of the proceedings.

The Disney Fantasy will host a Star Wars Day at Sea on 8 cruises between January and April 2016, only on the Western sailings. During the 7 night cruise, one jam-packed day will be Star Wars themed. It will be interesting to see what Disney does – I’d love to see a Darth Vader towel creation in our room (I don’t expect that, though).  J. Michael Roddy spoke about some of the offerings onboard, which will include character interactions and a Star Wars themed deck party. January is traditionally a slower time in the parks and on the Disney Cruise Line, but the Star Wars themed cruises have definitely been selling well. We had originally hoped for a Florida Resident discount, but I’m not sure that will happen. Booking early also offers a decent rate, so I’m glad we secured it.

J. Michael Roddy has a look at Mitzi Glamour, who swapped her hair pieces during the event.

Stormtroopers take to the stage.

Here are the details on the Star Wars Day at Sea by J. Michael Roddy in this presentation segment.

There was quite a bit announced for “Frozen”, so I will let the video explain it. There will be character meet and greets on all the ships this summer, but other aspects will be exclusive to certain ships – like Freezing the Night Away. The Disney Wonder and Disney Magic will get the most “Frozen” this summer on select itineraries in Alaska and Europe.
Here is our video with the “Frozen” part of the presentation, along with a few photos.

There will be a drink bar themed to “Frozen” at Castaway Cay.

And the show Disney Dreams on the Disney Magic will include a “Frozen” segment.

Mitzi Glamour arrived in her Elsa wig.

Anna and Elsa brought Olaf with them.

We don’t see Olaf at Walt Disney World too often, he has never been a meet and greet character (yet) in Florida. It was nice having him join the royal sisters.

Tangled: The Musical was just announced last week for the Disney Magic. It debuts on November 11th, and will include several new songs by Alan Menken and Glenn Slater. 

Here is the Tangled: The Musical part of the presentation.

Concept art was shown for the show.

Mitzi Glamour was back with her Rapunzel hair.

And Rapunzel made an appearance, soon followed by Flynn Rider.

Rapunzel has some competition!

There was a short question and answer session about the Disney Cruise Line, including one question about how hard it is to stage a show on the cruise vs. staging one on land (in some ways it is easier).

We had the chance to meet all the characters, including Anna, Elsa & Olaf. We have met Anna and Elsa many times before, but never Olaf.

Here is our fun video with them, along with some photos. The characters were out for maybe an hour or more, which was quite a nice length considering the crowd size.

We learned that Sven likes to snack on Olaf’s carrot nose(s).

Treats were offered at the event, including this small Olaf cupcake.

Flynn Rider and Rapunzel show us their smolders in this video.

Rapunzel treats.

Next, we met the Stormtroopers. There were two for the meet and greet, but four were here at the moment.

It is just about a month away until Star Wars Weekends! And we look forward to our cruise next year. It will be our first time on the Disney Fantasy, though we’ve sailed the Disney Dream several times (including on the media preview sailing in 2011).

Thank you to the Disney Parks Blog for this fun event! Will you be on any of the special sailings?