Disney’s Coronado Springs Photo Walk 2015: Photo Tour of Resort in 250 Pictures

Note from 3/14/21 – This photo walk is from 2015, I plan to photograph and post an updated walk in late March/early April 2021!

Hi everyone!

I photographed Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort for this photo walk a couple of weeks ago, I am sorry it took a while to get it posted! It was a cloudy day when we went, although I actually like it that way for photos. There are 3 pages and about 250 photos.

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort is one of 4 Walt Disney World moderate resorts (not counting Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground, which has changed classifications many times). Disney’s Coronado Springs resort has a huge convention center, the only moderate at Walt Disney World to have one. Because of that, the resort also has numerous upgrades from the other moderates. It includes a fitness center, beauty parlor, more dining options, and even a nightclub. The lobby is the most impressive of the moderates (though I am also partial to Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter). And the pool?  It features a Mayan Pyramid. One thing I prefer about Disney’s Port Orleans Resort is the boat transportation to Downtown Disney/Disney Springs. Otherwise, there are many aspects of the Southwestern-themed Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort I like compared to other moderates. The actual timed portion of the photo walk is around the lake, but we’ll see much more than that in this article.

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I spent 6 years as an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, and Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort was not a highly requested moderate. Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside was #1 for me, followed by Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter. Riverside for the extra child allowance in the room, and French Quarter for the intimate size and almost non-existent walking to get anywhere at the resort. Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort got lost in the shuffle – but being a convention resort, it was sometimes booked solid anyway when I tried to find availability.

The entrance is my favorite of any of the moderates, especially during Christmas with the large white swags of garland. It is just so…grand.

This building is the hub of activity, with check-in, shopping, and most dining located here. It is called El Centro.

This entrance leads to a foyer.

El Centro is noted here.

This foyer with the fountain is like a hub, with several directions one can take. Guests can walk to the restaurants and Convention Center. There is a gift shop outside of the photo called Panchito’s Gifts and Sundries. To the right is Registration, and other doors lead outside.

This angle shows the Registration hall.

Look up and notice this gorgeous ceiling design.

A horse rears up.

This fountain is filled with a plant. For all the times I’ve photographd this fountain, I never noticed a third child until now.

Panchito’s Gifts & Sundries is themed to the Three Cabelleros.

This is a large gift shop, with Walt Disney World merchandise and other Southwestern themed items.

This donkey always offers a cheerful greeting.

Three Cabelleros artwork can be found in these alcoves.

Look up and you can find Jose.

In the Registration area, a hidden Mickey can be seen in lights. The only time it is hard to see it is during Christmas, when the tree blocks much of the light.

There is a lovely seating area with windows. To the left is a television for children that runs Disney cartoons.

Artwork lines the back of the registration desks.

There are a couple of display cases near the entrance to the Registration hall, which include sculptures and figures.

Outside, a topiary display of the Three Cabelleros is very popular for photos.

We are starting our timed walk here at 11:20 a.m. I always photograph the walk first, and then time it. Many of the walks around Walt Disney World are broken down into approximately one mile, and Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort is no different. While the three distinct sections of the resort are not a mile from El Centro, the walk around the lake (Laga Dorado) is just about that long (Disney actually says .9 miles).

We are walking to the right, toward the Cabanas section of the resort. All of the resort paths are now called New Balance Running Trails.

Signage makes it very easy to find everything.

Up ahead is La Marina, but not much goes on there anymore. Many resorts have stopped boat rentals.

We are continuing past El Centro and toward the Cabanas.

There is a bridge up ahead that we will take a left at.

Before walking to the left, this is where the El Centro bus stop is on the right.

There are many ways to get to The Dig Site, which is where the main pool is located.

We reach this bridge at 11:21 a.m., just one minute after we left.

The fog was starting to lift off the lake.

We are beginning our walk past the Cabanas to the right.

The lake is on the left, and Cabanas buildings are on the right. As with all of the moderates, the resort rooms have exterior corridors.

Cabanas building 9B.

Laga Dorado.

We are passing 9B at 11:22 a.m., just 2 minutes after we left.

There is a sandy beach with hammocks here to the left – swimming isn’t allowed.

We are still passing 9B.

The hammocks really looked nice on this warm day!

This sign directs guests to different areas.

More hammocks are to the left as we continue our walk past the Cabanas.

There is a Cabanas pool here, which we arrive at 11:24 a.m. – just 4 minutes after leaving El Centro. All 3 sections have pools.

A guest laundry only allows entrance with a resort MagicBand.

There are over 1900 rooms at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.

We are walking toward The Dig Site, which is to the left.

We had already passed one shortcut to The Dig Site, there are several around the lake.

These are the last Cabana buildings we will be passing.

This reminds me a bit of San Diego architecture, Mission style.

We are heading to the The Dig Site.

Maps around the lake help guide guests.

The Dig Site is hidden behind the trees.

I don’t remember these plants here before, they remind me of the sea – I think they are similar to what is found in the Little Mermaid section of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort.

Directional signs.

We continue with The Dig Site on page 2!