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Walt Disney Figure Added to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum at Orlando’s I-Drive 360

Hi everyone!

Back in February, I took a tour of the upcoming Madame Tussauds Orlando (which officially opens on May 4th, 2015). While most figures were already set in place, there were a handful that weren’t. I knew what most of them would be before now, but one was a well-kept secret until a couple of days ago. I was very excited to find out that Walt Disney was going to be part of the museum! I also found it interesting that the clock behind him was set to just before 12.

Madame Tussauds is one of three Merlin attractions at I-Drive 360 on International Drive. The other two are The Orlando Eye and SEA LIFE Aquarium, and the three will make for a very fun and ecomonical day out (book ahead for the best rates online). Madame Tussauds might end up being my favorite, we really can’t wait to go back! Keep reading to the end of the article for some other figures that are new to us. We will also have a full walk-through video of Madame Tussauds posted into the article in the morning.

Here is our full video walk-through before sharing the photos.

Walt looks just like I expect he did in life – they did a superb job with him.

It takes over a month just to put the hair in, strand by strand. Walt’s eyes crinkle and his deep dimples are evident.

From a couple of angles, it almost looks like Glamour Shots portraits.

One of the best parts of Madame Tussauds is that guests can touch and pose with the figures. I was born just before Walt Disney died, so it was nice to have a photo with him (as close to it as possible, anyway!)

Here is a video look at Walt Disney’s Madame Tussauds figure.

I noticed that Walt had two rings. One is an Irish Claddagh.

The other is a wedding ring.

An animation table is near Walt.

Books and animation tools can be found in the large display area. Many of the books have something to do with his films.

The French version of Sleeping Beauty sits next to The Hundred and One Dalmatians book by Dodie Smith.

Tom Swift books.

“Victory Through Air Power” became a Disney film, as did others here.

Undercover Cat became “That Darn Cat”, and of course there is “Johnny Tremain” and then The Wind in the Willows became part of “The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad”. I don’t think any of the books here are Disney books, but movies ended up based on many of them. There was clearly a lot of thought put into what was placed on the shelves. There is one Mickey Mouse mug.

I am not yet sure what this is supposed to do, what you see here is what I saw as well.

The book Mary Poppins.

The book Alice in Wonderland.

Venus drawing pencils.

This sign tells about Walt Disney.

This looks like a fantastical view of the Walt Disney Studios lot, with a castle and roller coaster.

We spent a lot of time with Walt, but there is so much more to see in the museum. Neil Armstrong has been added since my last visit, and there is a nice photo opportunity here.

Jeff got suited up with a helmet and held the flag.

Up close to Neil Armstrong.

Footprints on the moon.

Some of the figures wear authentic clothing that the celebrities wore, and that is the case of Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory.

He looks extremely lifelike.

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss from The Hunger Games is new.

Taylor Swift was also added recently.

Shrek and Fiona stand next to an onion carriage.

Gingy can be seen behind Fiona.

And Jimmy Fallon in the set of The Tonight Show is a popular photo spot.

We will have much more coming from the opening of I-Drive 360, including more Madame Tussauds, along with the SEA LIFE Aquarium and The Orlando Eye!