14 Reasons to Stay at LEGOLAND Hotel at LEGOLAND Florida Resort

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We had the opportunity to stay overnight at the LEGOLAND Hotel, situated in the LEGOLAND Florida Resort. Just steps away from LEGOLAND park, it is a paradise for kids who love LEGO – and the two of us (both adults) enjoyed it way more than we ever expected. Our stay was one night prior to the official opening. I encourage checking rates on the LEGOLAND website for different days and seasons – the rates do vary significantly. Read the FAQ as well. There is a tangible value in many components of the stay, from the in-room treasure hunt to the expansive included breakfast buffet to the Master Model Building sessions for kids.

LEGOLAND Hotel Entrance

I’ve embedded some videos into the article, and there will be more. We will also talk about the LEGOLAND Hotel in our Mousesteps Weekly YouTube Show in the next couple of weeks and will add that to this article. Here are our 14 reasons to stay at the LEGOLAND Hotel!

This Dragon Breathes Smoke!

LEGOS are everywhere! Kids can play in boxes of LEGO bricks, enjoy a large play area in the lobby, and even will find Duplo blocks in their room. Brick models are all over the hotel, including in each room.

LEGO Dragon in Lobby

LEGO Bricks in Lobby

Duplo Blocks for In-Room Use

Don’t Forget the In-Room Treasure Hunt. Kids – and adults – will delight in figuring out the code and finding out what the in-room treasure chest holds!

In-Room Treasure Hunt Safe

Our Treasure Gifts (Items Vary)

Room Themes are for Boys and Girls. There are 4 different types of room themes: Pirate; Kingdom; LEGO Friends and Adventure. Our Adventure room felt like we were stepping into the set of a LEGO Indiana Jones film. Young girls will love the LEGO Friends rooms, and we were told that both boys and girls leaned heavily toward the Pirate themed rooms. There are premium rooms with heavier theming than standard rooms, but we thought all rooms were very nicely decorated. All rooms feature wifi and a mini-fridge and can sleep 5 (max 2 adults).

Entrance to LEGO Friends Room

LEGO Friends Adult Bed

Here is our video of the LEGO Friends Heartlake City Sleepover Suite

Pirate Themed Elevators

Here is a video of our Adventure room at the LEGOLAND Hotel

LEGOLAND Hotel is Steps Away from LEGOLAND Park. It is an extremely short walk from the LEGOLAND Hotel to the park, just a minute or two door-to-door. While waiting for our room, we walked over to the park for a quick bite to eat. During our test stay, there was no grab-and-go option in the hotel, which I hope will eventually change.

LEGOLAND Hotel in View of LEGOLAND Park

Early Entry For LEGOLAND Park. Guests can enjoy early access to LEGOLAND Park during their stay. Remember to check the LEGOLAND Park calendar before booking  – it isn’t open every day.

A Delicious Breakfast Buffet is Included. Breakfast buffets are hit-or-miss at hotels, especially when the breakfast is included with the room. The breakfast at Bricks Family Restaurant was way beyond what I expected – there were hot and cold options, and the best marinated tomatoes I’ve ever had. The buffet location for kids is lower to the ground. The only negative was that I didn’t see any orange juice, just a blend drink at the fountain. There were fruit smoothies, however.

Salmon at Breakfast

Fruit That Looks Like a Display (But it is for Breakfast!)


Fruit Cups

Beans in a Nod to UK Ownership

Here is our video of the LEGOLAND Florida Bricks Family Restaurant

Healthy Choices are Available in Bricks Family Restaurant. Kids and adults will find healthy options at Bricks during both the complimentary breakfast buffet and the dinner buffet (which costs extra). The fruit actually was so perfectly displayed that I thought it was just a display at first glance. The head chef at Bricks Family Restaurant sources quite a bit of his food locally. I like that the children’s area also has healthy options, which is unlike many buffets we go to. There was even cottage cheese in the morning for kids, which I wouldn’t have expected.

Carved Turkey at Dinner

Vegetable Cups

Bricks Family Restaurant

Master Model Builders Workshop Delights Children. We had the opportunity to try our hand at building with a Master Model Builder in a large group setting. Kids can sign up for these classes (we were told the age limit is 16), which allows them to learn how to build a LEGO model and take it home. There are multiple classes every day.

Master Model Builders Workshop

A Look Inside the Master Model Builders Workshop

LEGO Bricks Add Fun to Pool. While the pool itself is nothing extraordinary, we did enjoy building with the soft LEGO bricks in the pool. These bricks are not for sale anywhere, and mostly can be found just at LEGOLAND water parks and resorts. There is also a splash pad nearby for kids, and there were three lifeguards on duty when we were by the pool. The boardwalk along Lake Eloise was not yet open when we visited, but is now. We look forward to walking along it!

LEGO Bricks Inside Pool

Splash Pad

Here is our video of the pool! We recorded it before anyone had used it.

LEGOLAND Hotel is Made for Kids. There are so many little touches included for kids, from talking sinks in the public restroom near the Skyline Lounge to the small toilet seats added to each guest room toilet. Toiletries in the room are from The Honest Company. And there are LEGO characters to meet at various times of day.

Telephone Booth of LEGOLAND Characters on Public Restroom Door

We Love the Public Restroom Signage!

Small Toilet Seats For Children in Guest Rooms

Honest Company Toiletries

Characters Greet Guests in Lobby

Kids Get Their Own Sleeping Area. Parents have the main part of the room to themselves with a bed, and kids are separated in their own space with bunk beds. It is quite a nice set-up, with a television in each area. If these rooms aren’t large enough, there are a limited number of suites available.

Kingdom Room Space for Children with Bunk Beds

Adults Can Also Unwind. The Skyline Lounge offers both food and beverage offerings – with a full bar and local beers on tap. The food was not available when we visited, but parents can enjoy a drink and watch their kids play at the same time.

Skyline Lounge Display with Lego Figures

Stormtrooper in Display

Florida Craft Beers on Tap at the Bar

LEGOLAND Hotel is Small Enough to Get Anywhere Quickly. One of the things I really like about LEGOLAND Hotel is that no matter where you stay in the hotel, nothing takes a long time to get to. The hallways aren’t long, and there are two elevators. I didn’t time our walk from our room to the park, but I can’t imagine it was more than 5 minutes. I’ve stayed at resorts that have endless hallways – that isn’t the LEGOLAND Hotel.

Disco Elevator! Kids will love dancing to classic tunes with a disco ball overhead. If that isn’t enough, there is a whoopie cushion as part of the floor at the entrance to the lobby elevators.

Disco Elevator

Disco Ball in Elevator

Here is our video of the disco elevator!

Whoopie Cushion on the Floor – Kids Thought This Was Awesome!

Our Adventure Room

Keurig Coffee Maker with Tea, Coffee and Hot Chocolate

We really enjoyed staying at the LEGOLAND Hotel! We became passholders to LEGOLAND during this visit (a pass that includes the Orlando Eye, SEA LIFE Orlando and Madame Tussauds Orlando) and look forward to booking a night at the hotel in the future.

LEGOLAND provided one night’s hotel stay and dinner. All views are ours (and we purchased the Annual Pass for ourselves).