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New Merchandise in Epcot World Showcase Include Norway & Germany Biergarten T-Shirts

Hi everyone!

With as much as we’ve been doing lately, it took about a month to get back to Epcot after the end of the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival. In that time, many new items popped up in the World Showcase shops. World Showcase is always my favorite place to look for new and unique items in Walt Disney World. Our time was limited on this day, so I didn’t photograph price tags – but it is a fun look at some items that are available right now.

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The Canada pavilion has been replacing a lot of its Hatley merchandise with similar items, including this “I Moose Be Dreaming” nightshirt.

The United Kingdom started adding “Sherlock” merchandise in the Toy Soldier about 3 months ago. It can be found near the Doctor Who items.

Speaking of Doctor Who…

Back in January, the France pavilion began featuring Ratatouille merchandise. Much of it is from Disneyland Paris, rebranded to Epcot World Showcase. There was a new mug since our last visit.

In the Japan pavilion Mitsukoshi shop, Hello Kitty is graduating.

And this Tokyo ball cap looks full of emotion!

Germany has some new Oktoberfest t-shirts.

This is my favorite, with the Epcot World Showcase Biergarten commemorated on the shirt.

Epcot World Showcase beer t-shirt.

Every day is Oktoberfest in World Showcase.

The theme of the shirts is beer, and I am sure they will all sell well.

I was surprised to see newer shirts at The Puffin’s Roost in Norway commemorating the country and not “Frozen”. Maelstrom closed last year, and I wasn’t expecting to see any new Norway merchandise while the ride was closed. Some of the other shirts that are sold here have been on hand for several years.

Norway with a heart.

Norway Vikings shirt.

Norway viking ship with Mickey in the sail.

Mickey is in the viking helmet here.

A simple viking design.

Norway shirt with a Mickey Epcot design.

That is quite a lot for Norway!

In Mexico, I hadn’t seen these shirts before. The first is Fiesta. Siesta. Repeat.

For a while, the Three Caballeros shirts were mostly missing in action – a few years back, there were so many colors for this design. But it seems to be coming back. I don’t remember it in black before, mostly in green and red.

We will be spending more time in the shops of World Showcase next week and will bring more fun merchandise finds!