Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

Downtown Disney Photo Update July 25th, 2015 as it Changes to Disney Springs

Hi everyone!

It had only been about a week since our last visit to Downtown Disney, but so much has already changed in that time! More walls have gone up, but progress can be seen during each visit. We were disappointed that Fun Finds has ended the 5 for $20 wall plus the grab bags (we never did the bags, but they were always popular). Keep reading for more information and photos, and check out our articles on Vivoli Gelateria, Joffrey’s Tea Traders and The BOATHOUSE. Our last full Downtown Disney update was a month ago from Characters in Flight, and you can see how much has changed since then.

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Ant-Man has been making the rounds on the buses at Walt Disney World. Have you seen the film? Our review is here.

This walkway looks to be nearing completion.

Signs have been going up around Downtown Disney in the past month, welcoming guests to Disney Springs. It must be a little confusing for some to see both Downtown Disney and Disney Springs signage, but it is very nice to see so much happening toward the latter.

Quite a bit of the current work is happening in the area pictured here. STK, Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar, and The Edison are all under construction, and Paradiso 37 has been undergoing an expansion.

Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar is due to open this autumn. As we are already nearing August, that isn’t too far off anymore.

A boat from The BOATHOUSE can be seen in the water.

Much of the frame of the Adventurer’s Club is intact.

There is a large porch at the back of Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar.

Walking past DisneyQuest, more walls recently went up.

Many more walls.

The West Side is now more of a construction area than it has been.

Splitsville is still open.

The United World Soccer store relocated very quickly, and is now open.

A new plaque went in near at Food Truck Park – or should I say, Exposition Park.

Not too much has happened with Planet Hollywood yet, but we really look forward to the changes being made.

Small Ant-Man signs can still be found in front of the AMC Theater.

Here is a look at the walkway from this angle.

I think most work is now going on in what will be the Town Center. It sounds like it will be a more upscale shopping experience.

This view is from the Orange Garage.

The former Pleasure Island is in view, with The Edison work where the former Adventurer’s Club stands.

Disney Springs signage.

Town Center concept art.

Planet Hollywood concept art in front of the restaurant.

We were told this is going to be STK.

The Edison.

So much can be seen now just beyond Raglan Road. Raglan Road only has one entrance currently, as the shop door is blacked out for the time being.

This is some of the construction going on here. I like that concept art is often close to the construction, to get an idea of what is going in. It isn’t always exact – like The BOATHOUSE concept art seems fairly diffrent than what is now there.

Morimoto Asia is going to be where Mannequins once was.

This is the Hangar Bar view from Raglan Road.

And looking up toward Paradiso 37.

The Hangar Bar is next to The BOATHOUSE.

The Reggie is outside.

New lighting fixture.

Artwork near the T-Rex.

Construction beyond the T-Rex.

Disney Springs.

One of our last stops was Fun Finds, which is a store I always went in to check out the bargain wall. That wall is now gone, with a plush wall in its place. We were told to tell Guest Relations if we were disappointed in the change. It was one of my favorite shopping locations at Downtown Disney, but there isn’t a need to go inside much anymore. It isn’t much different than other shops.

The large Duffy from Once Upon a Toy is now here We first noticed he was missing from the toy store, and found him here. There are smaller Duffy displays here as well. We were also told to expect Shellie May merchandise in late September, early October. If that is true, I hope she brings Gelatoni along too.

This is the plush wall that used to be 5 for $20.

That is it from Downtown Disney/Disney Springs for this visit! We will be sharing more in the near future.