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2015 Walt Disney World Halloween Merchandise Arrives at Magic Kingdom

Hi everyone!

Halloween merchandise has arrived to the Magic Kingdom for 2015. Not only merchandise, but the Emporium display with Goofy, Donald and Pluto is now decked out for Halloween. I’ve been asked if this is early for merchandise to arrive, but it really isn’t. I’ve been posting photos for many years and the merchandise tends to arrive from early to mid-August. Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party doesn’t begin until September 15th this year, and decorations usually go up at the Magic Kingdom between late August and early September. Here is a look at the displays and merchandise that have popped up so far! And you can find some of the merchandise in our Disney Store Halloween merchandise article, which includes the Figaro plush!

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Donald is ready for Halloween!

This Emporium display is more festive than ever, with a new banner, pumpkins and hay.

Figaro has made his way into this banner and onto some of the merchandise this year, which is a welcome change.

The mannequins don their finest masks and are surrounded by pumpkins.

Several of the displays have graveyard fencing.

These two busts are part of an autumn display.

Spells, potions and brews books sit next to them.

Here are a few more of the Halloween displays with mannequins before we look at the merchandise.

Here is a look at our merchandise video, and then read the article!

Duffy the Disney Bear has a new Halloween outfit.

Pumpkin buckets are ready to be purchased.

Mickey and Minnie as a vampire and a witch decorate this sweatshirt.

Mickey and Minnie plush.

Minnie’s witch hat.

This is one of just a couple of items I’ve seen the year 2015 on.

Mickey light-up ghost.

The pumpkin lights up.

This is from last year, a Hag “Just One Bite” bowl.

Figaro pops out of a pumpkin in this adorable plush.

These faux candles are also from last year.

Mickey and Minnie Halloween mugs.

His and her shirts. Check out the Mickey buttons (his) and all the many Mickeys and carriage (hers).

A shelf of Halloween merchandise.

These designs are wonderful and I hope they will be found on lithos and clothing this year.

Bags of candy include the designs. It is really a terrific deal for $6.95 each.

Pumpkin Mickey and Jack Skellington cookies.


The designs I mentioned above are also on these lanterns.

Here is an up-close look at several of them.

The characters on a mug.

Halloween antenna toppers.

Halloween Mickey ornament.

In case you want to know how long it is until Halloween, you can purchase this piece.

Halloween lounge pants.

We had posted an article about Christmas merchandise at the Disney Store that included Minnie as the Bride and Mickey as the Hatbox Ghost. These figures are now at the Magic Kingdom, and could be used for both Halloween and Christmas (or all year round!)

There are plenty of Halloween pins, including characters I’ve not seen before for Halloween. I think the Halloween pins are more creative than ever this year.

Mater is Count Truckula.

Mike and Sully for Trick or Treat.

Mickey as a ghost.

Spider web with a spider.

Mickey as a vampire.

Minnie as a witch with Figaro.

New for this year, a Star Wars Halloween pin.

The Hitchhiking Ghosts on a pin.

Pirate Pluto.

And while I’m not sure if these are Halloween related at all, these two Disney Attractionistas dolls were in the Halloween section – Gracey and Maddie.

This will be our 9th year covering Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party! Check out our photos from last year, and we will have two articles as usual for 2015 – one with a slew of photos, and one with tips for enjoying the Party.